Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where's SSG?

FRANTICALLY trying to cross items off her Summer To Do List that no one else remembers except the people who LIVE IN HER CITY and KNOW HER PERSONALLY.  Which SSG is CURSING because it means she can't just PRETEND she has done everything.

Today's mission:  Ride a ferris wheel.

SSG and her trusty companion, Wah-dah-tay, headed to Oaks Park--a small amusement park on the banks of the Willamette River.   Since SSG grew up in Southern California, amusement parks to her mean places like Disneyland and Magic Mountain (aka "Wally World" from the '80's Chevy Chase classic film, Vacation).  She was prepared for LINES.  For HIGH ticket prices.  For CROWDS of people.  For ENORMOUS rides.

She was not prepared for an entrance that you got to walk into without even purchasing a ticket.  (She also secretly wondered if the entrance ever broke into a little ditty from the Nutcracker.)  She was definitely not prepared for being able to purchase a ticket to a SINGLE ride.  Or the ticket price--$2.25.  And she most certainly wasn't prepared for not only the LACK of line at the ferris wheel, but the LACK of employees running the ferris wheel.

"Maybe it's closed for the day?" SSG asked Wade.  

She decided to AT LEAST take a picture of the ferris wheel that belonged in a twee little Barbie Dream House because IT WAS SO SMALL.  Just as they were about to call it a day, a random guy walked across a small parking lot and asked if they wanted to go for a ride.

"YES!"  Wah-dah-tay and SSG responded in unison as the guy walked up to the ferris wheel controls.  Then SSG thought for a second and said "you do work here, right?"

I present to you fine peeps, the view from the TOP of the Oaks Park ferris wheel.  I will pause to give you a moment to take it all in. 

That was when SSG decided to take a photo of Wah-dah-tay and her together.  

With photography skills like these?  Let me just say, WATCH OUT Annie Leibovitz.

On our way to get manis and pedis ... well, Humdingers for corndogs, fries and milkshakes THEN mani/pedis with K-Dog, we saw this.  Which prompted Wah-dah-day to ask "WHERE is your camera?"

And um, side note to the dude in the Expedition?  I think about 99% of Portland's population is going to AGREE with you.  Well done.


Bella Della said...

Okay, you should have come with us to Busch Gardens. While they have to ferris wheel we could have found something that counted- like the world's tallest floorless coaster :) Love this field trip of yours. Looks like fun. We had fun on Friday. I took yesterday off (away from computer) and chilled and did some stuff around the house. Hope you are having a nice long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so why did no one tell me I need big Jackie-O sunglasses to cover all those wrinkles around my eye?

Regardless SSG, I have told you a thousand times "size doesn't matter" (side note, I could not even type that without a soft chuckle)!!!!!! The Ferris wheel got the job done, and as should be the fashion for everyday, we were the first, and only two on it, as our myriad of fans lined up below to follow suit. Isn't it great that we are both princesses?

All that and not a single request for an autograph. (well except on the receipt for the nail salon, does that count?)

Lys said...

So how many more items are left on the list, a gal wonders...

Lovin' the photo skillz

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

@ belladella - Hope you're enjoying your nice long weekend too!

@ Wah-dah-tay - Thanks for such a fun day and Jimmy's IPod!

@ Lys - NINE! Jeez. Summer technically ends in 3 weeks, right? I think I'm going to need those few extra weeks. And yes, my photog skillz are available for weddings, graduations and barmitzvahs. said...

You know it takes a lot of honesty and self deprecation to just admit publicly like that that you are, indeed, a wiener...
Congrats on another one crossed off your list!