Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend ABC's - S is for September & Snapshots of Stress

Hello Everyone and Happy September!

You have entered the few days that lead up to me going on VACATION.  Haven't you heard?  I'm going to France!  Oh what?  You've heard that since FEBRUARY when I booked my flight?  Yeah, sorry about that.  You MIGHT want to come back October 1st, because I have a feeling the month of September is going to strictly be devoted to the lead up to France, what happened when I was IN France and how I'm planning my NEXT trip to France.

You've also entered into the land of SSG's going on vacation meltdown.  I AM FINE and have tried to circumvent it as much as I can, but there is something about the flurry of activity that makes me start feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.  And even though I'm excited and can't wait for the next few days to be OVER so I can get on the plane already, I do get a little "ahhh!"

Luckily, SIX weeks ago, I figured I'd be going through this very stage and had myself on a well structured schedule to make sure certain projects around the house, wardrobe selections etc. have all been done or are on their way to being done ... ISN'T THIS FUN?  Welcome to my brain. 

Anywhooo ... instead of nice posts with catchy little titles and central themes and maybe even fun little wrap up sentences at the end, I can't make any promises on what will be coming out of my mouth (fingers?) over the next few days.  So let's get started, shall we?

Snapshots of SSG's weekend:

I got to see Wes & Michele's baby who was born in MAY.  Luckily I got there before she graduated high school.  She is BEAUTIFUL.  I walked in, held out my arms and didn't give her back until they shoved me out the door.  She is the sweet faced, bald, chubby cheeked baby that makes people just SMILE and go all mushy.  Which I totally did.  Wes looked over and said "you're going to make a great mom, Becky."  And he was nice enough not to add "to your own baby, but that one is OUR'S."

This is a little church right next to the gargantuan ferris wheel Wade and I rode this weekend.  He patiently sat in the car while I took about 100 pictures of this place.  A wedding was happening inside and I'm pretty sure I took more pictures than the wedding photographer.  So to the nice couple getting married, if you'd like any photos of your venue, e-mail me!

Saturday night I was over at Wade & Jimmy's and while the rest of the dinner guests were having cocktails and making conversation with their handsome hosts, SSG was in their office pouring over music selections for her trip and overall being antisocial.  By the end of the night, she had racked up about 600 songs that she somehow needs to squeeze onto Coco (her I-Pod Shuffle).

And while SSG was stealing things, she figured she might as well steal Jimmy's I-Pod too so she can watch movies.  Wade kindly put the first 2 seasons of Six Feet Under on that I-Pod, so she'll be flipping back and forth between those, Mary Tyler Moore and Absolutely Fabulous ... and probably annoying the entire plane while she's laughing at Ab Fab.

I was looking for books to read on the plane and everyone kept recommending the "Twilight" series of books.  Have you guys read these?  I was like seriously?  A teenage vampire?  How many pages?  And there aren't any sex scenes?  But I flew through the first one and picked up the second to keep me occupied when I'm not listening to 600 songs or watching one of the 600 television shows and movies at my disposal.  

I went to K-Dog's sister's house for a barbecue yesterday and promptly stuffed my face with yummy artichoke thingies, good cocktails and the most delicious barbecue I've had in a while.  But when Jimmy called out "who wants cake?"  I promptly yelled "I do!"

I am through movie #2 of my Cannes Film Festival today.  So far I watched DaVinci code and now know what the inside of the Louvre looks like ... at night ... with no one else in it except for a dead body.  That SHOULD come in handy next week when I'm there.  I also watched a cute movie with Diane Lane that's probably about 25 or 30 years old.  It was called A Little Romance.  So now I know what Paris looked like in the 70's, which will also be incredibly helpful when I'm there next week.  Next up?  French Kiss, with Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline.  Fisher and Rainy are already passed out on the couch waiting for me.

And since ya'll are probably asleep now too, I think I'll go join them!

(Don't say I didn't warn you!  And don't mind me & SSG switching through the first & third person throughout this post.)


belladella said...

I can't believe you are leaving so soon? I'd be a whirling dirvish about now. Did I spell that right? I am sure you are more prepared that you think- sounds like you are.

I love, love, love French Kiss. I have seen that movie too often to even count. I hope you won't keep missing the chance to see the Eifel Tower! And don't run away with some French man who is smuggling jewels.

Lys said...

Listen - if you see the Clooney, you must must must smuggle him back for me. He's probably hiding out in Italy at some Lake Como spot or something tho... grrrr.

I'm so excited for you! Seriously, this is going to be great. And we can all live vicariously through your traveling too :)

Twilight is that good, huh?

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

@ Bella Della - If I get ANY opportunity to run away with a Frenchman, I'm taking it. You can become a citizen by marriage, right? I could blog daily from France!

@ Lys - Oooh, I might have to fight you for Clooney. Okay, okay, okay ... you can have HIM, if I get Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. And Twilight IS good, I was surprised!