Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend ABC's - P is for Pastries & Pink Cigarettes

This is a little pastry place in Portland.  The Bobs were in town from Seattle and we spread out our guidebooks to put the finishing touches on zee France plans.   Less than 4 weeks away peeps!  I took a picture of all of our guidebooks.  I almost posted it, but then realized it was a video.  You would have heard me saying "Hello?  Did you take it?  OH!  How about I switch it to PHOTO instead of VIDEO."  I'd much rather WRITE about my own ineptitude.

After the Bobs' freed themselves from my vice grip around their ankles, they headed back to Seattle and I promptly drove to Wade & Jimmy's.  It's Wad-ah-tay's birthday tomorrow!  He'll turn a fresh as a daisy 29.  Again.  

On your birthday, people are supposed to take care of YOU.  But I walked in, threw down my purse and Wade was blending up margaritas in his new margarita maker.  He said he was "testing" a lot of recipes.  So I sat down and promptly said "keep 'em comin', I'll let you know when you get it right."  No rest for the weary, Wade.  Or is it wicked?  Whatever, both apply!

One of his presents were these pretty pink cigarettes.  And no, I didn't have one, but TOTALLY wanted to.  It would have looked haaaaaat while I made my first attempt at Guitar Hero and promptly got booted offstage to PAT BENETAR no less.  I think I might need to hand in my rocker chick card which I've been carrying around in my wallet, but obviously just for pretend. 

Hope your weekends were your own blend of perfect!



Big Hair Envy said...

Oooohhhh! Can I come over and play?? Will there be firefighters??

BTW - It's "No rest for the weary", and "No one mourns the wicked." I'm helpful that way :)

Bella Della said...

Pink cigs? Who knew? I can't believe your trip is just 4 weeks away! What will we all do without you?

Lys said...

Forget the firefighters, where are the cops???

So you had quite the fun weekend :)