Thursday, August 21, 2008

Haaaaat News!

We have a WINNER peeps!

Tuesday's movie was GOTCHA!  Starring none other than a young, hairy Anthony Edwards.  

I v.v. secretly wrote down the two people who guessed the movie correctly:

Then I crumpled the papers up and put them in front of my "random integer" generator.

I not genrater.  I dog.  R dem cookeez 4 meez?

I tink dey cookeez.  Uh oh.  Mom seys no dey not.  Deh weinner iz: 

Congratulations Bob!  I mean Frita ; )

And one more bit of haaaaat news:

Talk about TIMING!  A Bikini Coffee type place up in Seattle had a FLASHER dressed in ladies lingerie that made the news today too!  I take this kind of stuff very seriously and yay for the girl who doused the guy with boiling hot water.  But I must admit it struck me as funny when the employees tried to get the guy's license plate number but couldn't because it too had a pair of panties blocking the numbers.  Read more about that here.

6 comments: said...

Well, congratulations to Bob! I am glad someone knew the answer. (I really do need to study more...)
The chick with the hot water is now my hero, and as for the question of whether or not the scantily clad women are attracting, YEAH! I mean I had no idea there were coffee houses that paid girls to wear bikini's while they worked. That seems weird to me...

Big Hair Envy said...

The poor perve was probably just doing some research!! Bahahahaha!

You know, before I met you, I thought that Portland would be kind of uptight and stuffy. Boy, was I wrong!!!

When you go to the Bikini Coffee House, PLEASE take pictures!!!

Bella Della said...

Well, you are certainly timely with your posts! So, when are you going? Big Hair Envy and I are waiting for pictures. Also, I am officially in love with Fisher.

Anonymous said...

Do the Bikini Girls have to pass a self defense test to get hired? Wait, I can see it now - "Kung-Fu Java Mama seeks position with google eyed pervert to grind beans" Tasty, No?

I will keep my beans at home!

By the way, did she shout "Where's the Beef" when said perve drove away?

Congrats Bob, now you must video a happy dance and send it to all of us!!!!!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

@ Krissa-The funny part about when she spilled hot water on him was that he said "OH YEAH." And I'm NOT making that up! Perv.

@BHE - You'll have to come to P-Town and see for yourself! Not stuffy AT ALL--Nice peeps, "outdoorsy" peeps, coffee, rain and Obama supporters abound!

@ Bella Della - I'm on day #2 of Operation Avoid Bikini Coffee & Fisher loves you too! She wants to come live with you and chase your neighbor's cows!

@ Wah-dah tay you really should be in advertising with catchy slogans like that!

Bella Della said...

Wah-dah-tay rocks. I am officially stealing his witty banter. I swear I will be telling someone soon that I am keeping my beans at home or telling my husband he is keeping his beans at home. Love it!

By the way, the whole thing was on our local news- IN VIRGINIA! I was laughing so hard. Is it bad that I am just jealous that you guys have a coffee place with a drive-thru? Is it also bad that I sort of want to be called a Java Mama? That's hot! No pun intended!

PS- Fisher can come chase coweez and play with my Baileez and Murpheez. And I have cookeez. I wish she could come while you were in Pareez.