Friday, August 22, 2008

Countdown x 2

Two weeks from today I will be on a flight to Paris.  

A flight.  To Paris.  FRANCE.  Please hold while I go faint.

Two birthday fairies--my sister (hi Winner!) & Wade (hi Wah-dah-tay!) gave me some fun little prezzies that will accompany me on my travels!  Would you like to see them? 

Please check my mad photo and staging skillz (Conde Nast Traveller, my services are available).  

That cutie cute little book will have addresses to send postcards and various other notes and instructions, flight info, etc.  I'm still on the lookout for a journal though, because I have a feeling I'm going to have A LOT to write about ... like a little thing called WINE ... and oh yeah ... CHEESE and hopefully lots of things called JEAN LUC and FRANCOIS.  Side note to Winner: Should this little book maybe have been black?

And THEN, that sweet little cupcake make up bag will have my new favorite item--Maybelline minerals foundation (thanks Digs!).  I'm strictly a Sephora and department store makeup snob, but when I tried Digs' version of this stuff in San Diego a couple months ago I fell in LOVE.  And bonus!  It's one less thing I have to cram into a sandwich baggie and pray that TSA doesn't see it's 3.2 ounces and not 3.0 ounces.  Just kidding TSA!  Nothing to see here!  

Moving right along ... quickly and with all liquids UNDER 3 oz ... check out my new little red I Pod Shuffle from Wade & Jimmy!  I've named her Coco.  As in Channel.  Because she's hot and a classic.  Kind of like SSG wants to be.  Coco will be JAM PACKED with music ... once SSG figures out how to open the package ... and oh yeah ... put music on it.

One of the bands on Coco will be Randori, who SSG heard about thanks to ANOTHER birthday fairy Lys over at Just Another Gal, check her out here.  Lys is friends with the band and kindly sent SSG some of their stuff.  SSG loved it and MAY have made a comment to send the band a round of applause.  And then MAYBE made another teensy weensy little comment that if SSG were in Philly she would probably throw her panties on stage.  SSG never expected Randori to HEAR about the alleged comment, which SSG intelligently PUT IN WRITING.  But Lys passed it along, because she's a former PUBLICIST.  And then SSG was BLUSHING from the other side of the country.  So she frantically checked out their MySpace page just to make sure that they weren't trolls or anything.  And learned that um ...

SSG would TOTALLY throw her panties on stage.

Speaking of panties!  We have ourselves another countdown!

SSG is on DAY # TWO of avoiding Bikini Coffee!   She's hoping that she can get through 5 more days because then her co-worker goes on vacation for a week and then SSG will be gone for TWO weeks and by that time she thought her co-worker would probably forget who SSG EVEN WAS, let alone that she owed him a cup of coffee.  

But then she remembered.  It would take A LOT more than 3 weeks to make a guy forget about BIKINIS.  


Candy said...

Trust me, loading music is only slightly harder than opening the package of that iPod. She will change your life, if you don't already have one.

Bella Della said...

Love the goodies. I am jealous of Coco. And you might have to add me to your little book for a postcard-though I am sure your list is a mile long. Have fun at the beach. I am jealous of that too :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the band spotlight! Nice sound!!!!! I am going to have to spend some time on their page for sure.

I am so excited you are almost off to Paris (panties or not!)! We shall have Coco up and running next week-end with a little training between Lemon-drops! By the way, LUV the bag - So Hot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, just go to the Bikini Coffee Bar and get it over with. The suspense is KILLING me!!! Photos, please!!!! Please?

BTW - I am in love with Wade. Is that wrong? I don't even require gifts such as iPods. All I require is a little flattery, and he has already provided that:) Oh, and some dude that can hold his red wine....

I am SO coming to Portland. It's my next mission in life.....Are you with me Bella???

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

@ Candy - Who knew the Shuffle was the Tony Robbins of MP3 players?! I'm EXCITED!

@ Bella Della - I'd love to send you a postcard! You're welcome to send your address to me at The card will probably say something along the lines of "never coming back, will blog from France once my computer arrives!"

@ Wah-dah-tay - Have fun at the beach sunshine! Will see you next weekend and maybe I'll have Bella Della & BHE with me too ; )

@ BHE - When you come to Portland to visit, I promise to take you to Bikini Coffee ... I'll just be waiting outside. And then we can go to Wade's. And then you can send a postcard to your family that says "Never coming back. Will blog from Wade & Jimmy's once computer arrives."

Lys said...

My neighbors are going to think I'm insane - I read this in between watching the Eagles game and BURST OUT LAUGHING and then SCREAMING at the TV. Oh lawd.

I left out the panties part, but since you put it in writing, don't be surprised if Jas stops by. *LOL* Glad you like.

I'm so excited for you :) Have lots of fun and take LOTS of pictures!!!! said...

I am highly excited for you! I want to go with you! Oh who am I kidding, I want to go ANYWHERE, besides here!
Keep a careful inventory of you panties, girl!
BTW I am coming with BHE when she goes up there to visit you!