Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SSG in the White House

I can't believe I'm going to type this, but ... I'm getting swept up in the Democratic Convention.

Not that I'm not into politics.  I think ya know, Rock the Vote and all that.  I just find politicians so BORING.  So full of "scandals" that are no longer scandals.  Like really?  Another politician cheated on his wife?  With a dude?  In a men's bathroom at an airport?  Excuse me while I yawn and finish filing my nails. 

I want pizzaz.  I want excitement.  I want people to rock the SHIT out of speeches and debates.  I want Senators FIRED up when they go to Capitol Hill. I want people to believe in the American Dream again.  I want the middle class back.  I want every single person regardless of their financial background to go to college and to be able to get help if they're sick.  I want the KIDS in neighborhoods 15 minutes away from me to be ABLE TO EAT 3 meals a day.  I'd like to tell those people who don't believe in "hand outs" that by supporting THE CITIZENS of this country, helps not only them, but helps ALL of us.  Can you imagine this country with well fed, focused kids who were encouraged to read, write and think for themselves?  Who loved science and math and had bigger dreams than the dreams we have today?  And instead of having a select few of these kids, we have millions?   Can you imagine the progress, the change?  The unity?

Annnnyway ... wow.  Wasn't where I was originally going with this post, but HI!  As I started reflecting on this historic election.  Where Ted Kennedy with his Baastaaan kick ass politician self and Hillary crackin' ceilings and a little African American kid who was raised by a single mom is running for President, I say YES.  THANK YOU.  These were the dreams I grew up believing and they're now coming true.

I thought about what it would look like.  To have an African American family living in the White House.  And it brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.  I wonder if they ever, in their wildest dreams as kids, thought that they'd wind up here.

And so the original post was to show you MY white house and ask for your opinions on colors for my kitchen.  But now that just seems so ... well ... MINOR in the grand scheme of things.

But if you DO want to weigh in still, feel free!  SSG believes STRONGLY in democracy after all.


Strayer said...

Just remember, Obama is half white. He's not black. he is not white. He's all of us. Or, well, maybe most or a lot of us. Kind of inbetween. All in one. Anyhow, I love getting fired up. Hard to over politics, mostly huff and puff stuff. I'd love to see Clinton and McCain dualing it in vodka shot drinking contests, as they have been known to do, but why not on national TV?

As for scandals, I think us lower class have far more interesting scandalous lives, but we never get the proper publicity, in my opinion.

Big Hair Envy said...

My kitchen is painted a lovely shade called "Herbivore"!! It's a sage-ish green, and I think it's made by Benjamin Moore. I LOVE it:)

Bella Della said...

Great stump speech :) You really got into it. It is definitely a very historic time in our election process but I swear I am so overwhelmed with it all....I think these guys have been running for like the last three years.

Not sure about kitchen color. Show us more.

Lys said...

What a great post SSG!

Now - re: decorating, I am of the agreement that we have to see more to give a proper opinion...

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. And here comes Wah-dah-tay! Politics you say? Hmmmmmmmm. I don't think I need to go into a swing version of "America the Beautiful" right now, but welcome to the pack my Sister!

I think in this particular race we should mimic Minnesota. Lets put all the candidates into a cage match and let them wrestle it out. Then when they win, tell them that they can not make money for anything but being President. No oil money, no "contributions' for favors, no hidden deposits for a special vote, no "rub my back I'll rub yours", and definitely no pay unless all the kids in school can read!!!! What the F! We need the take the popularity contest out of capital hill. I think that "Elvira, mistress of the dark" or "Bono" could really help us out here (and with flair!)

You know that the "O" man is getting my vote. Having said that, I would love nothing more then a woman in the white house to show all the good ol' boys the real way to get things done!!!!!

But I digress (and with spirit fingers at rest), I don't really care about the kitchen color (as long as it matches the motif and the designer china), but wouldn't "I mean business" red be a great tone for the entire outside of the building (at least for a little while!)???

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

@ Strayer -I do think we should recognize Jerry Springer's efforts to put the lower class scandals on the map, but YES otherwise I agree with you!

@ BHE - oooh, I will check it out it sounds so fresh and vegetabley.

@ Bella Della & Lys - Just picture A LOT more WHITE. And then MORE white. And then throw some more white on top of that. And THEN you'll see my kitchen ... or my ass. But let's just stick to the kitchen, k ladies? I'm keepin' an eye on you both.

@ Wah-dah-tay - Silly boy, ALWAYS about the "O."