Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Bets and Boys

So at the baseball game last week I bet one of the guys I work with that a balk gets a runner to first base.  Any major leaguers reading?  Because I find conflicting information and we have YET to settle the bet.  And if there ARE any major leaguers reading?  

Hold on, let me fix my hair real quick.


Wait, wait ... and let me put some lipstick on.

Hiiiiiii!  (Blink blink ... hair toss ... giggle.)

Ok, so the bet was a cup of coffee.  Which, no biggie.  Until my coworker upped the ante by saying when he wins I have to go with him to BIKINI COFFEE.

Bikini Coffee is a new coffee shop that opened up downtown and the people (read:  ladies) who work there steam milk, brew espresso and serve up your bevvie all the while wearing a bikini.

(Cue crickets.)

Have I mentioned that I live in Portland?  Home of the 364 days of RAIN?  

I wholeheartedly admit to being a feminist, equal pay for equal work and all that business.  And the main reason I consider myself a feminist is to promote women having choices, regardless of whether or not it's something that I'm into.  So even though I find it ODD ... and more Southern California, Miami or Hawaii than OREGON, if you want to get in your bikini and serve dudes coffee?  Sweet. More power to you.   I'll be fully clothed down the street huddled over a balance sheet.  (Which is equally haaaaat, right?)

So as we were determining if I'd actually GO to Bikini Coffee if I lost the bet, I needed to take all factors into consideration.  I asked the simple question "do their cups have the logo splashed in big letters across them?"

Co-worker #1:  Wait, what SIZE are their CUPS?
Co-worker #2:  HUGE.
Co-worker #1:  Caution.  Contents HOT.

Someone PLEASE tell me a balk gets a runner to first base.  


Bella Della said...

I am not a baseball expert (I did keep stats for my high school team) but I am almost certain that a balk only advances the runners already on base. SORRY! Here is what Wikipedia says-

In baseball, a pitcher may commit a number of illegal motions or actions which constitute a balk. The balk is called "no pitch" and each runner is awarded one base and the batter returns to bat with the previous pitch count.

There are two motivations behind the balk rule. A pitcher is constrained to a certain set of motions prior to and during a pitch; if these are violated, a procedural balk will be called (see also pitching positions). Pitcher's actions that illegally deceive baserunners are called punitive balks.

The first balk rule in Major League Baseball was introduced in 1898

Please take pictures of bikini clad baristas :) I've got to see that. That get my hubby to start drinking coffee!

Big Hair Envy said...

Based on Bella's account, it looks like you will be bellying up to the Bikini Bar baby!! Sorry. At least it will make for a funny post:)

Jenn Martinson said...

I saw some thing on E! about a salon in Utah called Bikini Cuts. Who knew the core of any successful business model is a bikini? I fully expect to see Speedo Pedicure or Chippendale Shopping in the future.

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

@ belladella & BHE: I think you guys might be right. Waaa haaa haaa. I wonder if I'll get busted for taking photos?

@ Coconut Diaries - I am WITH you. Perhaps Michael Phelps and his buddies should have to wear Speedos in whatever careers they choose outside of the pool? I'm ALL for board shorts & flip flops for ... some ... of the guys in my building!

Anonymous said...

1) Bikini coffee has no draw for me unless the mocha is FABULOUS.
2) Bikini coffee is the Shiz-nit if it brings on the Speedo or Jockstrap coffee.
3) Bikini coffee is the greatest invention ever if it brings on Jockstrap baseball (I would become an expert for sure!)

I myself would not be serving coffee or playing baseball, but I think the word "Critic" would soon find a comfy place in my job title!!!!!! That's Haaaaat! Yeah, son!!! (ooooops, I stole an L.L. line....)

Side note: belladella, big hair envy, and coconut diaries are SUPER FLY HOT STUFF with a twist and two snaps!!! (at this point I should say something like "peace out" or "word", but I think a Bamboo bubble bath with the soft sounds a Jazz and a glass of wine are calling my name....ssshhh can you hear that?) SSG, no butch jokes, remember the MC Hammer dance!

Big Hair Envy said...

I don't know who wah-dah-tay is, but I'm likin'it!!! Anyone who calls me "SUPER FLY HOT STUFF with a twist and two snaps" can share my bottle of Cabernet ANYTIME!

MC Hammer Dance? Do you still have the pants? Now THAT'S Haaaaaat:)