Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We Haz Housgues

Dis my fren Riglee.  He liv nex dor an he sta wif us dis wek.  Den I sta wif him wen mom s n paRiss.  

Wayt.  U haz cookeez?  I sit nis n tall n kas u do.

Riglee n i play chays ... lots f chays and den mor CHAYSE.  Til we get tyred.  We sleep til da cloc sayz 3:45 amz.  An den Riglee an i agree to wak mom up.

She not hapey, but we wag taylez and den she lafs.  

I luv Riglee an will shayre my toyz, mi mom an me kat.  But I don share my cookeez.  Dis my bowl. K Riglee?

Welcom 2 my hous!

Teh Fish


Big Hair Envy said...

OK. Those two are having entirely too much fun. I'll bet your stomach hurts from laughing at them!

Want me to send over a box of cookies?

Anonymous said...

Yess pleezes, sen cookeez! MaYbe 2 or tree box? We neede demz.

Unknown said...

So funny and I love the way you wrote it...I thought it was German at first and then got the hang of it!

Bella Della said...

I think Fisher should post the entire time you are in Paris :) They are absolutely adorable. You are a lucky gal. It would be a real party if I could send over Murphy and Bailey.

By the way, it is raining again and I LOVE it. It's all cool and dark and damp. Sound familiar?

Lys said...

I concur - Fisher needs to do a guest blog. Riglee too.

HalfAsstic.com said...

You know, Fisher, I totally understand. You can only be expected to share so much and sharing the bowl, (especially when there could be a cookie in it), is just crossing the line.
Tell Mom that she needs some good sleeping pills...

Anonymous said...

Ya think they want a paw-dicure? Maybe something "spicy"?

I know what you are thinking with another doggie around, so when do we go to the pound?