Thursday, August 28, 2008


Many many years ago, during a time of fiscal responsibility, I made the decision to not buy anything unless I would cry if I left the store without it.  If I waiver, even in the slightest, I put the item down and walk away.  If over the next few days I keep thinking about it, I go back and buy it.  

It's a system that has worked well for me.  Which is part of the reason my house looks like I just moved in.  These things take TIME.  And everything I want for my house costs MONEY.  Money that I decided to use for a trip to France ... and oh yeah, my mortgage payment.

BUT!  I have been picking up a few new things for France.  A few things like ... shoes, jeans, jackets, shirts, scarves, books and music for IPods that I don't know how to work.  I started putting everything together, ahem, in HOPES I can shove it all into a carryon.  When I stepped back I realized I had a little THEME happening.  Would you like to see?

Sweet journal which will be full of SSG's innermost thoughts and feelings and drawings and who am I kidding, LISTS of the Pro's & Con's for staying and never coming back.

And then this BAG which will carry all of the delicious fruits and vegetables (read wine, cheese and bread) from the markets to the Seine for picnics.  All PROS.

Does France have Targets?  

Well they should.  CON.

And Netflix.  I loooove Netflix.  

(The only reason this has to do with France is because SSG is setting up her own little Cannes Film Festival Monday afternoon.  All the movies are set in Paris--DaVinci Code, French Kiss and some other movie she can't remember but knows it will be GREAT.)

And that's when she realized.  Everything is RED.  Red like her heart.  Red like passion.  Red like love.  Red like OPI's new nail color "Eiffel in Love."   And SSG has.  She just hopes France is ready for it.

Hey Fisher!

Want to move to France?

Huumanz, U reeley need 2 lern 2 playe hrd 2 getz. 


I tink I herez cookeez ... 

And if any accountants are reading this and making the comparison to what RED looks like on a balance sheet?  

Yes.  I know.


Big Hair Envy said...

Maybe THAT is the color you should paint your kitchen!!!

LOVE all of your red stuff. I love Target even more.......

Have a great holiday weekend:) said...

Yes, Target is awesome! Was there today. I think you should leave Fisher with me while you gallivant around France. Will you post from there? You better have a kick ass camera ready to take lots of pics!