Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Would SSG Do

This morning I got a call from my credit card company.

You might imagine my surprise as:
A) I pay my bills on time.
B) I haven't used the credit card for almost a year.
C) The credit card was snuggled up next to its ATM card friend in my wallet.

Credit Card Rep: Hi, can you verify some charges for us?
SSG: Sure. There should be zero.
CCR: So the purchases in Florida?
SSG: I've never been to Florida.
CCR: So you didn't buy gas today?
SSG: Uh, no. I'm currently sitting at the cube farm sipping my iced Americano which is where I've been all morning.
CCR: So you didn't go to three different Shell gas stations in Florida this morning?

SSG has been thinking all day about the little bastards who were filling up their cars with gas and using her credit card in sunny Florida all morning.

Hopefully they're taking a trip down to the Keys.

And get there in time for this.

And maybe a little of this.

Because that's what SSG would do if SHE were to use HER credit card.


ab said...

They're bastards for so many reasons!

Molly said...

this is a remarkably civilized response to theft. last year i was going to pay for the gas to drive home from Charlotte, NC and my card was refused right after i paid my hotel bill (IN CHARLOTTE). when i got home, i had an email from amex explaining they had tried to reach me (i wasn't home, ha!) so i called back and they explained fraud at gas stations was an epidemic...

The Incredible Woody said...

Wow - way to turn the other cheek!!

I'm glad the credit card company put a stop to their fun before you got slapped with a $$$$$$$$ bill.

Since we travel so much, we are constantly sending up the credit card company's red flags. It's a real pain in the ass when they freeze the card. But on the other hand, I'm glad no one else gets to party on my tab.

BellaDella said...

Gosh, if I had known you were sharing your credit card...

What a pain. I am so glad your cc company caught it. I wonder how the jerks got your info.

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend...I can only say one thing about this...I HAVE A CHAIN SAW AND I KNOW HOW TO USE IT ON CREDIT STEALING BASTARDS!!!!

Predo said...

OH My!!!!! I will tear out their scrotum for you!!!!! I will then dry it out into a coin purse.

Candy said...

I cannot believe you are not on a plane right now, ready to rip some throats out. Holy hell that's horrible. So sorry.