Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Normal

Oh. My. Internets.

Mark SSG's words. She will NEVER have more than one dog. Good LAWD taking care of my neighbors dog for ... let's count them, shall we?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Do you know how many piles of poop that is?

Umz ... lotz i tinks?

Anyhoo, my neighbors got home late Friday night, so SSG took Wriggy (our pet name for him) home before Fish and I hit the hay. I woke up on Saturday and thought HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY FOR SSG!!!

It was nice of the country to celebrate with me.

Did you all have good 4th's?

SSG stayed in her jammies for a few hours on Saturday morning, even DRIVING to the local Starbucks drive thru so she didn't have to get out of them. I'm pretty sure that constitutes a new level of laziness.

I managed to pull it together midday and headed over to a barbecue that this guy was at. Maybe you know him? We were so busy throwing back gin and tonics and getting caught up that NEITHER OF US TOOK PHOTOS. Bad bloggers! But he looked just as hawt as ever. And thanks to our fabulous host and hostess for a delicious barbecue and to the equally fabulous company!

I'm convinced that if I maintained a certain buzz at all times that I would be A LOT more receptive to getting out and doing more. Saturday night SSG was all about it. Marco's for breakfast! Drive in movie theater! Concerts in the park! Luckily this crowd knows me better and Predo had started hash browns on Sunday morning before giving me a quick call "we're not going to Marco's, right?"

SSG looked down at her pajamas, her cup of coffee and Fisher passed out on the couch and said "ummmm ... no."

So there you have it! SSG's weekend in a nutshell.

Oh! And I got a massage!

And for those of you keeping up with my Sunday night ritual. The movie was August Rush ... which was ... cute-ish. But I felt they were trying a BIT too hard. And the dinner was this slow cooker barbecue beef from All Recipes.

I cut the recipe in half since I didn't feel like feeding the whole neighborhood. And I just chucked the 2 pound roast in whole and then shredded it toward the end. It was good, but I want to play with the sauce a bit more. I like my barbecue sauce a little sweeter and tomato-ier (is too a word). Later this week I think I'm going to caramelize a bunch of red onions and tuck them into some tortillas with the beef, sharp cheddar and sour cream for a quesadilla. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Have a great week pretties!


Molly said...

You were halfway to adjusting to 2 took me 2 weeks to realize that I could do it, though I had my doubts :)

As to the pajama tour, yep, usually with a baseball hat jammed on my head and after all, that is why they invented drive thrus, right?

Living on the Spit said...

I am on that pj tour with you. I am totally into it!

Big crusty buns, slathered with buttered and grilled slightly, some of your bbq'd beef, a little cole slaw, and a couple of shakes of Tabasco Sauce. Heaven.

But the other choice sounds good too.

Glad you survived and had a great time this weekend.

The Incredible Woody said...

Since I'm still in my pjs at 10:45 on a Monday morning, I'm with ya'!

BTW, yes, Copper does have some fine arms. And abs to match. And he is single. You coming for a visit?

mom x 2 said...

I love days when I can stay in my PJ's. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

Predo said...

You can wear your PJ's to Marco's, I will too! Then to our house for Lemon Drops! We can watch a movie, and decide to start the day somewhere around 3 pm!!!

I like that plan!~!!!!