Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Award Hunting

Work BFF and I are STRUGGLING right now. We each have huge, high profile deals going on at the moment and a fair amount of time over the past week has been spent commiserating over structure and information and just the general sense of pressure that the ball is in our each of our court and we're trying desperately to do the right thing with it.

He wanted to structure his deal a certain way, but got talked out of it. He wrapped up his report, writing it up the way a senior manager wanted it and then once it was sent up the chain, word was handed back down to rewrite it. The way he originally wanted to.

He sent me an instant message saying how PISSED he was and rightfully so. It was three days of work that he was going to have to start over from scratch.

SSG: Dude, it's so not your fault.
Work BFF: Whatever Good Will Hunting.
SSG: It's not your fault.
WB: I know.
SSG: It's not your fault.
WB: I. Know.
SSG: It's not your fault.
WB: Come on man.
SSG: It's not your fault.
WB: Cut it out!
SSG: It's not your fault.

Academy, we'll be expecting our nominations for what is, if SSG does say so herself, a phenomenal translation of screenplay to instant message.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I love them apples!
;) Digs

ab said...

This makes me miss my work bff. He left the company and I started working remotely.

I hope you're doing well!!!

Anonymous said...

classic! That is one of my favorite movies and the scene was a perfect fit for your work dilema...thanks for the chuckle!

BellaDella said...

Love it. How come you get to have a work BFF and I don't?

HalfAsstic.com said...

My work bff is H. Heh! That's a neat way to look at it! I'm glad you and yours have so much fun. ;-)

Molly said...

whee doggies! you and wbff got it goin' on. can i move into the next cube?

Predo said...

Its okay, if you don't win, "it's not your fault"!!!