Friday, July 17, 2009

Food Waste Friday

This poor little lime.

It has been rolling around in the vegetable crisper for a WHILE. It had been zested, partially juiced and I had hoped it could hold on for ONE MORE DAY for some fish I'm making tomorrow. But alas, it was too far gone.

All was not lost however! I cut it up, threw it in the garbage disposal with a little salt and ice and now my garbage disposal is nice and clean.

We almost had a major catastrophe this week though folks. I had defrosted my chicken tortilla soup that I made a couple of weeks ago but then I realized the dinner I made on Sunday was more than I could eat between two meals despite halving a recipe for four people. Something was going to have to be tossed.


I decided to throw the chicken tortilla soup back in the freezer with the corn cakes I had made to accompany it and that's one less meal I have to make this week. I braved overcooked cabbage rolls as leftovers for TWO meals. I think I deserve a medal.

Have a great weekend lovelies!

$40 Foodie will be at it again this weekend with groceries and my menu for the week. Cabbage rolls will never be on it again, I assure you.

Edited to add: The bag was sent home with me a few weeks ago with leftovers in it. I try not to use plastic bags very much. Regardless, it will be washed out once again and used for something else! So not even THAT is going in the trash today. Thanks for the reminders ; )


I Am Woody said...

OMG - I feel so wasteful!!! said...

Wow! Color me impressed! Keep it up!

Kate said...

Nice one! I have 2 1/4 limes in the fridge at this very moment that I am sure are over a month old...getting a little concerned. Like you I am hoping that they'll hold on juuuuuust a little longer.

Rhi said...

I am SO impressed that you wash out your baggies. GOOD OREGONIAN!