Monday, July 20, 2009

The Simple Things

This weekend was full of small, simple pleasures. It wasn't anything to write home about. No huge parties, no lame dates, just nice and easy.

I found myself constantly wondering "should I DO something?" Only to realize I HAD been doing stuff, it just wasn't making me feel spent or exhausted.

I stayed home Friday night and caught up on the stuff on my DVR and went to bed early. Saturday morning I was up early to meet a friend at my local farmers market which I LOVE. It was the first time I had been there but will be heading back for sure this coming weekend to take some pictures and get some fruit because ohmahgah PEACHES and CHERRIES and GORGEOUS BERRIES. Oh my! I bought some dahlias, which are my favorite flowers and now they're scattered in small vases around my house. Happiness for the small price of $4.

I ran some other errands on Saturday, did a few projects around the house and then went to bed early again. I spent Sunday morning at a cafe reading and doing some writing before coming home and sitting out on the deck talking to my neighbors. I was able to catch up with some fun peeps over the phone (thanks Winner, Spleen & Digs!) and cooked a GREAT dinner. If you like any kind of Indian/Persian/Moroccan food, you've got to try this recipe. I made it yesterday in the slow cooker and ate it with some cous cous and it was wonderful.

I had been working on a big deal at work all last week that will HOPEFULLY be done by the end of the month (if not sooner!) and I must have needed to just take a mental vacation this weekend. It's nice to be heading into the week well rested and oddly satisfied.

Hope you had great weekends too!



I Am Woody said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!!

Unknown said...

I need a weekend like that this coming weekend...after three weeks of traveling and partying...I am completely DONE. I want to stay home for a while.

So glad you had a relaxing weekend.

Bella Della said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend. Perfect. We had a good one too. Shopping all day Saturday and yesterday we worked in the yard and took it easy. I can't believe it is Monday again but after all my craziness last week, today is really quiet. And boss is on vacay for two weeks.

Suz Broughton said...

I love weekends like this. I know what you mean about feeling like you're not "doing" anything. Good luck this week! said...

Wow, that sounds wonderful! Well, I meant the recipe, but actually your weekend did too! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Predo said...

When do you try out for The Food Network with your Slow Cooker show??? You'll be SOOOO HHOOOOTTTTTTT!