Saturday, July 25, 2009

$40 Foodie & Menu

(Alternate Post Title: SMUG NO MORE!)

SSG has been feeling pretty darn good about herself over the past couple of weeks. Coming in under budget, eating meals out of the freezer. Her confidence in this $40 Foodie business was increasing. So she decided to double down. And add not one. Not two. But THREE new recipes to the mix this week.

The problem when SSG does this, is that she shops for new ingredients and isn't always familiar with the prices of said ingredients.

So folks, SSG is over budget. Waa waaa. By a lot. Like, government spending over budget. It came in at $61.97. Which is almost $22 over budget. Which is OVER 50% OVER budget.

That's a lot of overs.

I'll try and make it up next week, but if I don't the biggest lesson learned is try no more than one or two new recipes a week.

There is also NO WAY I can eat all of this food, so my freezer will have a nice collection.

Oh yes! And one more thing. I bought some staple type items--rice, lemonade mix and coffee. I'll need to take those types of things into consideration when I'm meal planning. I have no idea how to do this exactly, but I'm sure I can figure it out.

So! All that said, away we go!

Target: $10.90 and er ... yes, SSG has a sweet tooth. But for the record! I still have a ton of Hershey Kisses and Mike & Ike's left over from last week. But who wants to run the risk of running OUT? Not this SSG. Uh uh.

Altbertson's $51.07 (Not pictured a $3.99 GINORMOUS jug of vinegar for mah cleaning stash and $1.49 in ice that um ... SSG just realized is still at the store. Oopsie. Good thing she lives close.)

Meals for the week:

Sunday Night Slow Cooker: Cuban Ropa Vieja
Monday: Breakfast for Dinner (mini frittatas, potatoes & muffins)
Tuesday: Slow cooked chicken dish (this is from my sister, maybe she can do a guest post and grace us with her recipe)
Wednesday: Pepperoni rolls
Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas

And um ... remember when SSG said she had no food waste? She was totally telling the truth. And then she opened up her fridge and saw this.

Hello wilted parsley.

I think I can save it by turning it into a pesto with some basil from my basil plant, walnuts from the freezer and a miniscule chunk of parmesan that's been rolling around the deli drawer of mah fridge. Wish me luck.

But DON'T WORRY those two bottles of champagne will NOT be going to waste.



The Incredible Woody said...

I think the first pic shows the most important items of the week:)

Predo said...

Well, it is like looking behind the curten for the great and powerful OZ. Kidding! Don't worry about going over budget, you forgot to put "emergency" food supply in your budget, so it is okay!

Did you buy any edible undies? That is a food, right?

Molly said...

hmmm, seems like you'd be applying the savings against this week to get your average

Suz Broughton said...

I love that you are doing this! You are giving me ideas. I love that last photo. There is something very simple and chic about it.