Friday, July 3, 2009

Fantasy Fridays

I know we've been going to the islands on Fridays for a while. But now that summer is here, SSG's fantasy vacations are much simpler.

A glass of iced tea.
Porch swings.
Cherry pie.
And fireflies.

SOMEDAY SSG will see a firefly in real life.

But for now she has to hijack this kid's memory.

Or the Duerksen's kids whose mom makes me want to live in Kansas. Check out this post from their cool mama, Meg Duerksen.

Hope you all have a twinkly Fourth of July weekend.



Unknown said...

Since I live on the water and that water is salt water, I don't get to see too many fireflies either, but when we went to visit Noe Noe in the country, we sat out on the front porch, cut off all the lights, and watched the most amazing light show as there were fireflies everywhere!!! It was glorious. said...

I remember running around in my grandmother's yard with my cousins catching "lightning bugs" and putting them in mason jars. My family is originally from north Texas around Ft. Worth area. They were plentiful and everywhere. Now days, it's rare to see very many of them, just like the "horney toads" we used to catch. The horned toads were pretty much wiped out as a side effect to pesticides and I guess the fireflies met the same fate. It's sad.

I Am Woody said...

You need to brave the heat and humidity for a trip south. One of my most favorite things as a kid was catching lightning bugs.

Once I let them out of the jar in my room! My parents were not happy but I had a glorious night watching them flash!

There is a place in the mountains (one of only a couple of places) where the lightning bugs flash in unison. Scientists are not sure why they do this and only in those couple of places. They only do it for a couple of weeks each year in early June. One year, I will make it there to see them:)

Predo said...

One day I will take you to Wisconsin. We will catch fireflies, lay in the long grass and look at the stars!

Oh, and lemon drops! Lemon drops and fireflies!

Bella Della said...

I feel guilty that I can't share my lightening bugs with you- that's what we call them here. One day, dear friend. Hope you are having a great weekend.