Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Do You Wonder Wednesday

This SSG has been getting a lot of questions sent her way lately. I'm pretty good about responding ... I think? I hope? But I decided to go ahead and post a few of the questions I get frequently here in case some of you out there are wondering about the same things.

1) What do you look like? Why don't you post a picture of yourself? I have a cousin/brother/friend/Starbucks barrista that I want to set you up with but he wants to know if you're hot. You don't mind if he lives in South Dakota/Alabama/Arkansas do you? He's really nice.

First of all, THANK YOU for thinking of me. If you're anything like me when reading blogs I often wonder about the person writing them and I love that you wonder about me! I wonder what shows you guys have on your DVR's, if your purse (or man purse!) is as messy as mine and what the street you live on looks like. That's not stalker-y is it? Well too bad. I want to know. Please e-mail me immediately. I promise not to show up unannounced. And I'll bring Predo with me so we should come bearing lemon drops. Oh but wait ... this is about me, isn't it?

The truth plain and simple is that I keep my anonymity on this site so I can feel free to write about what I want to write about. Judging by the flurry of activity that came my sister's way with people stalking her to get to me on Facebook, I worry about attaching my name to this site. There are just some doors that need to remain shut. This is why SSG is not on Facebook. There are a handful of people who know me in my real life that also know about SSG yet we rarely talk about it. They stop by here each day to see what I'm up to and then go about their days wondering how on earth I ever roped them into becoming my friends.

And YES, I'm totally hot. Please pass that around.

What's so funny?


Isn't it preeeeettty? I love it too. Every night I hop in and tell Fisher how cute she is and then tell my bedding how cute it is. Did I mention the flip side has POLKA DOTS?! You know how much SSG loves polka dots!

I got this at a very, very exclusive store only located in Portland. BUT!

Because I love you all so much, I've arranged for this same set to be sold in Target stores everywhere.

You're welcome! Cuff me, I'm a giver. Lock me up!

3) What kind of dog is Fisher? And why does she have a boy's name?

The Fish, Pupalah, Puppers or Princess Puperlah is half Golden Retriever and half Australian Cattle Dog. In other words 100% snuggly, blonde haired bundle of 40 pound CUTENESS.

She was named after M.F.K. Fisher, one of my favorite writers. You can read more about her here.

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Rhiannon said...

I so wish I would have kept myself anonymous-ish on my blog. So, so wish.

The Incredible Woody said...

I'm anonymous on my blog without being anonymous. Everyone knows but no one reads. Don't know if that makes me happy or sad.

And I didn't realize Fisher was a boy's name.

ab said...

I was just thinking that Willie would love Fisher. He's totally into the cute redheads.

Living on the Spit said...

I agree and respect your wishes on your anonymity.

You know you are so hawt.

Miss Fisher is so loved. Princess it. said...

I frequently wish I just hadn't told my mom about my site... then I could let loose and make off color jokes and reference penis's when speaking of bald men's heads and drop an occasional, (very occasional), f-bomb.

Anonymous said...

My question to you is.....HOW did I get soooo lucky to be your friend and know the person behind the SSG curtain? AWWWW YEAH! Love you MORE SSG!

Molly said...

fishr come c me? shez hawt!

ur pal,


Living on the Spit said...

Just wanted to let you know we have the cutest firemen here in OV. How do I know? My cat started a fire this morning...seriously, Dude...he was trying to get rid of me.

Read my post for today.

Frita said...

As one of the VERY fortunate few, privileged enough to know you in real life and call you a friend, I most absolutely can attest to your Hottness sistah!

Actually folks...she's beautiful, both inside and out, which is a very rare thing!