Thursday, June 18, 2009

SSG's Thoughts on Online Dating Photos

1) Is it really necessary to include the one of you and your dog gazing at each other while in some snowy wilderness? It looks very romantic. Perhaps you've already found your partner? To quote the movie The Truth About Cats & Dogs "You can love your pets. But you can't LOVE. Your. Pets."

2) I'm sure you had a GREAT time at your friend's bachelor party in Vegas if those strippers in the photo with you are any indication.

3) What is it with guys taking photos of themselves WHILE THEY'RE SITTING IN THEIR CARS? Are they stuck in traffic? Do they think they're hot while they're driving? Is that really the best photo you have? Because that lighting does nothing for SSG (she might have tried it after she saw it was the popular thing to do and advises heavily AGAINST it.)

4) Would you please SMILE so SSG can make sure you still have all your teeth?

5) Photos of you guys kissing cats does not make you attractive to women.

And you have NO IDEA how badly SSG wishes she could show these photos to you guys.


BellaDella said...

I am going to forward you a photo that I received- it's so good I have saved it for over six years. You will die laughing. It's coming from my work address.

Living on the Spit said...

LOL...I wish I could see them!!! That is halarious...sad, but halarious.

Lys said...

What do you mean we can't see them?!?!?! *wahhhhhh*

Molly said...

Ok. I used to have a job in a drug store, and people brought their film in to be developed. Based on what I saw there, I can only imagine what you are seeing.

The Incredible Woody said...

A profile pic of one of my FB friends makes him look like he is a mortician. Suit, tie, serious look. Oh wait - he is a mortician!

Maybe those pics ARE telling the truth! Scary as it may be!

Predo said...

Well, maybe a rule where all guys have the photo taken while just standing there naked (front and back view) would be best. I could come over and help you do your reviewing!