Thursday, June 11, 2009

SSG is Guest Blogging!

Hey Everyone!

SSG had her first go as a guest blogger over at Lys' site, Cooking in Stilettos.  Lys not only cooks but actually WALKS in 4 inch heels.  

Without falling down.  

It's one of the many reasons I admire her.

Isn't Cooking in Stilettos kind of a sexy name?  SSG thinks so too.  Don't ask her then, why she blogged about SOUP.  Which is kind of granny in stilettos, but whatever.  Check it out right over  here.


Living on the Spit said...

Awww....I think you should take my blog hostage too...don't know what you would write about, but it would make me smile.

Lys said...

After hanging out watching your boytoy play in those Loubous, walking in 4" stilettos won't be an option for a while. I'm wedgin' it for a bit :)

Thanks again for a great guest post - that soup is so not granny in stilettos!