Monday, June 22, 2009

SSG Stays In

I remember back when I was spring cleaning frantically that my main motivation was to work hard for a few months so that I could take the summer off. Not from cleaning entirely, though that would be nice, but mostly just to get the house in order so it would be easier to leave and go out and do stuff on the weekends. Both metaphorically and literally. We're talking about the same SSG who backed her car into a bookshelf stacked with beers that were waiting to be brought upstairs for a party she was having. Oopsie.

So summer kicks off for SSG Memorial Day weekend and since then she has been out and about, dating, happy houring, gyming, budgeting, writing, dining, errand running and overall not sleeping. This taking the summer off business has been um ... tiring for our poor little typically lazy SSG.

This weekend was kind of June gloomy, the kind of weekend that even though you don't WANT TO because you're TRYING to be hip, social and cool is exactly the type of weekend to stay close to home.

So SSG did.

And she wishes she had something to report other than she watched three movies (Along Came Polly, Last Holiday and Princess Diaries). And read a book. And made some granola bars only they're really oatmeal cookies in bar formation. And walked Fisher around the neighborhood in her pajamas. And watched more baseball than any one person really should. And napped. And made some really good quesadillas that she'll post about later this week. And chatted on the phone.

But she doesn't. Because really?

It's exactly what she needed.

(Don't tell anyone.)

6 comments: said...

And that(?) sounds perfect! I can't think of a single thing to add except maybe s'mores. ;-)
Good job! I'M proud of you!

BellaDella said...

Amen sista! I found some balance and chilled out this weekend too! And ate lots of ice cream sandwich cake!

ab said...

I wish that was my weekend. I went camping. In the rain. And aside from sleeping in the cold, getting sand everywhere, and watching my dog almost get eaten by a rottweiler, it was totally awesome.

Molly said...

You have just vailidated my weekend. Amen.

Predo said...

Uhm, yeah, sounds like the perfect week-end to me. I did almost the same thing, but different movies, different cookies and golf instead of baseball. Hmmmmmm, see a shared trait in our relationship? Wanna make out?

Lys said...

Sadly, this was not a chillout weekend at Chez Lys but more of a Vet clinic between Wiggy and Shadow's drama. Ugh :( However, your weekend sounds like it was just right!