Monday, June 29, 2009

I Think I Broke My Dog

I admit it.

SSG tends toward the cozy. Snuggling up and reading or watching movies. Baking cookies in the kitchen ... and then eating them before dinner. A mid afternoon nap. A long conversation over a full glass of wine.

We're not running any marathons over here people.

But after a loooooooong winter (perhaps you heard SSG mention it?) and a new found zest for the sun and summer, SSG has been ALL ABOUT being outdoors. From sitting out on her deck every morning and evening, reading books outside cafes and taking not one but TWO dogs (SSG's neighbors are out of town this week) out on multiple walks each day. It seems like the more SSG is outside, the more she WANTS to be outside.

So cut to Sunday night when SSG went looking for Fisher to go for our third walk of the day.


Noez. I yike dis playses.


The Incredible Woody said...

Fisher would have fit in perfectly at Casa Woody today. This afternoon was the perfect afternoon for a nap.

Now it's almost 11pm and there is not a hint of sleepy around here!!

Maybe I should have opted for the walk:)

Predo said...

Ahhhhhh, I want to cuddle too!

Living on the Spit said...

I am feeling the very same thing...the SSG thing..not the Fisherz thing! I just want to be outside!

ab said...

Willie slept for 3 days straight after our 4-day camping trip. He literally got up to pee and to eat, then straight to bed. Sometimes they just need to reset. I wish I could sleep for 3 days.

BellaDella said...

Would you be upset if you came home and found me curled up there with Fish? So inviting.... said...

Heh! Nothing that can't be fixed with a few well chosen doggie treats! I think she'll forgive you. ;-)

big hair envy said...

I was right there with Fisher yesterday....after a long two weeks of reunions,parties and visits, I needed that loooong nap!!!

Molly said...

oh, you would have loved it here today. especially when here = lake after a cold front. it was still warm but not HUMID. and there were breezes.


Anonymous said...

poor lil pooch!

(and I love your bedding!)