Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A New To Do

Some of you might remember last summer?  When I set off to find 25 summery things to do in order to keep my mind on the most beautiful months in the Northwest instead of madly counting down the days toward my trip to France?

Well this summer I'm doing the same thing.  

Only instead of following a list, I'm creating one.

#1) Grill burgers (check)
#2)  Make coleslaw (check check)

(Welcome to SSG's dinner last night.)

#3)  Chat outside with the neighbors enjoying the twilight that lasts until after 9 p.m. (check check and check)

I'd say the first day of summer for SSG went pretty well.

(And yes, SSG realizes it's not TECHNICALLY summer yet.  But in SSG's world summer lasts from June 1st - September 5th-ish.)


BellaDella said...

That is what I consider Summer too. Or when I hear the first whipporwill and see the first lightening bug. Or when it is supposed to be 94 and HUMID- like today. Now, that is definitely Summer.

SSG will have to disover VA in the Spring or Fall.

mom x 2 said...

I love summer! Except the humidity... that part sucks. A lot. Sounds like you have a good start on yours :)

Frita said...

Bob...I made coleslaw for the first time over the weekend. Can you believe it? It was a recipe for cajun coleslaw from Emeril Lagasse. Delish! Looks like your summer is off to a wonderful start! I run according to the same summer schedule.

Molly said...

My summer to-do's will include a lemon drop! pronto!

Living on the Spit said...

I love summer too, but more so when it's 80ish and not humid...love your list...share more.

Yes, come discover VA in the fall or Spring...even the winter is lovely and as you know, I gt no snow.

The Incredible Woody said...

Hooray for summer! Fresh sweet corn, catching lightning bugs, sitting on the porch at twilight,....

I love it!