Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Things

Sweet Bella Della had a post up today about the little things that make her happy and it got me thinking about this whole online dating business and how it currently is one of the little things that's making this SSG happy.

Oh these Northwest guys. How I love them in all of their rugged outdoorsy-ness. Never before have you seen such a high concentration of hikers, bikers, snowboarders and North Face wearers than in this neck of the woods.

If anything since I started this ... how long has it been a year? A decade? SSG has no idea. But it has made her realize that there are A LOT of GREAT guys out there. Almost daily she hears or reads something that makes her smile ...

The guy as addicted to the Daily Show as she is. The one who grew up in the covered bridge capital of the country. Another who worked for the Cubs in college. Still another who counts food and wine among the things in life about which he's most passionate. And then came ...


SSG is currently talking to two pilots.

(And just typing that sentence made her look at Fisher, smile and say "thaaaaat's right.")

I was relaying my weekend recap to Work BFF this morning. This is where we go down who was on the list last week, who made the cut (or who cut SSG--SHOCKER!) and who is new on the radar.

SSG: So 6'5 guy is out, no chemistry. BMW guy turned out to be a D ...
Work BFF: Duh.
SSG: ... Cubby is still in. Coach takes forever to respond to anything, so I might be on his bench and then OHMAHGAH new on the scene!!! Not one but TWO pilots. I hope they don't know each other.
WBFF: What IS IT about girls and pilots?
SSG: Dude.
WBFF: Dude.
SSG: There are some professions that one MUST date when given the opportunity. It's the girl code.
WBFF: What about the guy?
SSG: DOESN'T matter.
SSG: Both of these guys are total D's, but they're PILOTS. You make concessions.
WBFF: ??!!
SSG: Firemen, pilots, some might say doctors but SSG says meh, substitute that with a baseball player and GO.
WBFF: (Shaking his head) Women. I'll never understand you.
SSG: Let me show you the guy equivalent ... Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Swimsuit and/or Victoria's Secret Model.
WBFF: Got it.


Anonymous said...

Do not date pilots. Please, do not date pilots. They are dogs. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that at least one of those two pilots is married.

ab said...

I have noticed one thing about the firemen, and maybe it's just me but...firemen in Southern California are SO MUCH HOTTER than the firemen in the NW. I remember working in a pizza restaurant in Pasadena & the Pasadena FD guys would come in for lunch. All of them smokin hot. Here? Not as much.

BellaDella said...

Thanks for the mention! You are too sweet. Pilots....Top Gun comes to mind. I just watched that for the 500th time the other day. Mmmmm.

HalfAsstic.com said...

Be careful! I kinda fall in with Brava97! I am betting they are a lot like cops and EVERY. SINGLE. COP. I have ever known was a cheating, philanderer.

Molly said...

What would Work BFF do without SSG to enlighten him? What would we do if SSG didn't share her conversations with him?

The Incredible Woody said...

Pilots are awesome. Especially Navy pilots. That's what my Dad was and he is a really, really, really great guy!

Living on the Spit said...

Pilots, yes...as long as they were former Naval Aviators...i.e. Top Gun...aaaahhhhh.

This post was right on point. and I laughed a lot.

Predo said...

Word! Pilots, Firemen and Baseball players!