Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Just Not That Into Me

Oh internets.  I owe you an apology.  My posts have been sucking ASS lately.  Where's the spark?  Where's the snark?  Where's the ... je ne sais quoi.  

I think ah've finally figured out mah problem!  It's because I haven't been in MAH HEAD people.  SSG has actually been DOING.  Like stuff.  

Like instead of sitting around thinking about her life that WAS and thinking about her life that IS and then thinking a little more about what what she wants it TO BE, she has actually gone ahead and started LIVING ... and not JUST chasing firefighters around her grocery store.  Okay, maybe chasing firefighters around her grocery store a LITTLE.

This is ... in a nutshell ... what SSG has been up to and not telling anyone about ... mainly because she didn't think it was interesting, not that she didn't WANT to tell you about it.  But then SSG realized by not telling you guys she was in fact being uninteresting and then it was the whole self fulfilling prophecy thing and then she wanted to tell you but didn't know where to begin and then she tried to figure out a way to tell you ... and THEN ... her head exploded.

So here we go ...

The Gym

SSG joined a gym peeps.  

And has actually been going.  
Like multiple times a week.  And ... 

... don't tell anyone ... 

Shhh ... come closer ...

She LIKES it.

(Once again SSG looks around to see what she has done with herself and who is currently residing in her body.)

BUT!  If those bitches that work there tell me how much I'm "glowing" one more time?  SSG WILL punch them in their non-glowey faces.


As in money.  Like lots of it.  Because it hit her that:

1)  She was no longer making her previous salary.
2)  She needed to stop spending as if she were making her previous salary.
3)  Saving and (please excuse SSG while she says this word that's new to her) fru-gal-it-y have actually (don't hurt SSG) become quite fun ... and (ohmahgah who am I?!) addictive.

SSG is Dating Online
(Moms keep your boys away from computers.)

The Boyfriend Watch was going well ... and SSG will continue it, if for no other reason that she loves stouts and the ongoing pursuit of finding her favorite (boy & beer).  But between Starey Guy at work doing a lot of staring and boys at bars doing a lot of staring there just wasn't NEARLY enough talking going on for SSG.  Forget Elvis, SSG needs a little more CONVERSATION and THEN we can start talking a little more action ... please.  Do these boys not know SSG works with a bunch of dudes that have trouble talking?

SSG has a date on Tuesday night with a boy who lives in her neighborhood but who has been making her SWOON with his talk of growing up on a farm with a river and covered bridges.  We've talked ... he TALKS internets ... but there is NO WAY it can be this easy, can it?  

Just to be on the safe side SSG has been mentally preparing herself for this boy to show up on our first date wearing white tennis shoes and mom jeans.

Ummm ... SSG thinks that's it.

For now.

Hope you all had tremendous weekends!  And thank you all for continuing to be into this SSG even when she wasn't that into herself.



Molly said...

oh my, we must be on something of a parallel track...i too have joined a gym. i have spun in spin class. i have trekked on the treadmill. i have engaged "just call me jim from the gym" for 12 weeks of personalized torture, er, training.

oh ma chere, tu est 'da bomb'. and don't you forget it.

BellaDella said...

I had a feeling you've been a busy little SSG. Good for you! Gym- awesome. Saving- awesome. Internet dating- way awesome!

Anonymous said...

well your reasons are way cooler than mine. I rejoined my gym last week but havent even been in like a month. I cant even get myself to get on my Wii Fit, because when I do, the little Japanese voice says "WHOA"

Living on the Spit said...

I am so proud of you!!! What better than to broaden your horizons and flap your beautiful wings. Ca not wait to hear more! Enjoy your adventure into you!

Frita said...

yeah SSG!! A-ma-zing! Can't wait to hear about Tuesday. Perhaps it can be that easy...? love ya!!