Monday, June 1, 2009

Serendipitous Summer

This dear readers, is Lake Oswego.  It's a suburb south of Portland and where SSG lived before she bought her house.

Um ... SSG could not afford a house in Lake Oswego.  But DID have a very nice apartment for 6 months.

The city has a great farmer's market that runs from May to October that I still love going to.

I don't think there is anything more beautiful than a farmers market early on a Saturday morning. 

Unless of course we're talking peonies.  

Or asparagus. 

They even have a doggie day care with the CUTEST little volunteers (and their parents) watching the pooches.  

SSG strolled through the market, pondering summer ... DEFINITELY grateful that spring is behind her.  What with the cleaning and purging and general overhaul of Chez SSG, she's ready for some good quality down time ... sitting on the deck each night with something cold to drink, afternoons at the coast, slipping into a novel for an entire day, long hikes with Fisher split up by lunch and the requisite dunking of feet into a cool stream.  The good life.  The LAZY life.

And as she was driving to the grocery store, sipping on her iced coffee, she pondered ease, dreams and FIREMAN.

SSG almost crashed her car trying to get their attention.  But alas, they turned at a different light than where she needed to go ...

That's okay, SSG's peace of mind this summer doesn't need to be cluttered up by the butterflies that show up in her tummy with respect to boys ... but ohmahgah THE FIREFIGHTERS WERE SHOPPING AT HER GROCERY STORE!

Scratch that earlier assessment.  What IS IT ABOUT THE NAVY BLUE UNIFORM?! 

(Sorry for the poor quality, SSG was in a rush trying to carry her basket, wipe the drool from her lips and take a picture all while looking like she was v.v. interested in the display of Prego.)

But MAN they are cute.  And seeing the little kids talking to them was ADORABLE.  SSG must really borrow a kid next Saturday.  Do they have a service like that?  Rent a kid or whatever?

Anyhoo ...

SSG spent the evening downtown on a new BW09 outing ... which is slowly starting to turn into Stout Watch 2009, because SSG has discovered she loves STOUTS.  And Portland is like the brew pub capital of the universe so there is A LOT to choose from.  And yes, we're still talking about the beer.  Maybe.

It was a great weekend ... full of fresh food, sleep, beer, baseball, flirting and fireman.  

Which coincidentally sounds like just the right plan for SSG's summer.


Molly said...

OMG - there's a project manager in our office who wanted to start rent-a-puppy for single guys to take a puppy to the park to meet girls...too funny! Love the farmer's market and the pictures.

Living on the Spit said...

There is something so refreshing about a farmer's market that feeds the soul and rejuvinates. That is a wonderful example.

Dude...did we not talk about the firemen stalking thing? LOL, I might have been guilty of that before. They are so cute.

What a great plan for the summer.

BellaDella said...

Sigh. Gosh, it all sounds perfect. I was just telling Spit that I hardly sat down this weekend and I am actually happy to be at work to get some rest. Sad.

Hope you have a great Monday!

ab said...

So I went to the Starlight parade and totally thought about you. Early on there was an entire fleet of firemen on parade/display! Climbing ladders! And jumping off said ladders! And wearing tight t-shirts! Meow!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

So, do you think it's too early to hold my place in line for the next Starlight parade?

Molly said...

Girl - there are two bottles of Grey Goose in my freezer right now, in case of emergencies. They make lovely vodka tonics (with lime).

Tis the season, don'tcha know!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Molly now I know why we're BFF's despite having never met! said...

Oh, you are off to a wonderful start! Keep up the good work and I am off to google "rent a kid" to see if there's any available in the Portland area!

Frita said...

I love that market...and the peonies!
Little Bob is available for rent any day :)

The Incredible Woody said...

I'm sure there are plenty of parents around that will gladly let you rent their kid. They might even pay YOU!