Thursday, February 19, 2009

Astute Command of the Obvious

So yesterday at lunch we were discussing our favorite TV shows.  SSG usually runs behind on most things.  For example, she JUST finished book 4 of Twilight after starting it over a month ago (sorry Predo!).  And side note:  RENESME?!  WTF?!?!  LAMEST name EVER.  That's what took her so long to get through it.  Try not wanting to throw the book in a fireplace every time you come across that moniker.  Wait, where was I again?

Oh yeah.

So the start of every lunch usually goes something like this:

Beaver Jerky (sorry, SSG couldn't resist):  Have you watched 24 yet?
SSG:  No.
BJ:  What about The Office?
SSG:  Dude, no.
BJ:  Ok, you've HAD TO HAVE WATCHED LAST WEEK'S 24 by now?!
SSG:  (shakes her head)
BJ:  Oh. My. God.  Why do I even bother asking?
Work BFF:  Dude, we go through this EVERY DAY.

So to mix it up a bit, every once in a while SSG likes to throw a curve ball at the boys like "Ohmahgah, let's go get pedicures together this weekend!  It will be SO MUCH FUN!"  or "Did you guys WATCH THE BACHELOR LAST NIGHT?  What did you think about that naked girl on girl pillow fight?"  You know, just to keep things interesting.

As was the case yesterday ...

SSG:  Ohmahgah.  Boys.  Dancing With the Stars starts up soon!  Do you have your sequined shirts ready and WILL THEY be open to the waist?
Work BFF:  Dude, I'm trying to eat over here.
SSG:  American Idol?  Anoop Dog in the house?
BJ:  How do you watch THAT?
New Guy:  Hey, I watch it with my wife sometimes.
Work BFF & BJ:  Ooooh, sorry man.
New Guy:  What about The Unit?  Do you guys watch it?

(SSG & Work BFF look quickly at each other, eyes huge.)

BJ:  Oh yeah.  I like The Unit a lot.  

(SSG & Work BFF start cracking up.)

BJ:  WHAT DID I SAY?  I like the show THE UNIT okay?!
Work BFF:  Dude, you like the unit we get it.
SSG:  What guy DOESN'T?


Living on the Spit said...

I so wanna have lunch with you guys sometime. It would make the BEST tv show ever. said...

I agree with Living on the Spit, the show Friends has nothing on you! you guys have some crazy conversations.

auntiepeep said...

That poor guy. Hopefully, he will catch on sooner or later. Someone is going to have to take pity on him at some point and fill in the blanks. But not too soon, I'd like to continue enjoying your blogs about BJ for a while. :o)

~Auntie Peep