Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Hello!

Well helllllllllooooo!

How is everyone?  Sorry for the absence and THANK YOU for all of yo e-mails!  I loved them!  And I'm sorry to cause any worry.  SSG is fine, just hit a bit of a writer's block and realized I've been running on creativity FUMES for a while now.  Just had to fill that tank back up.  Um, hello?  Vacuum post anyone?  Sorry about that!  But THANKS for your suggestions.  I still don't know what I'm going to do ... though the dramatic almost week long pause gave me ample time to think of it! 

I realize that by not writing I keep a running list of things I want to tell you tucked safe away in this little mind of mine.  Which is fine when the list has like, two things on it.  But then it starts overflowing and things get jumbled together and pretty soon I'm referring to myself in the third person.  As SSG.  At work.  Though no one knows I write mah blawg.  Oopsie.  

So!  In no particular order, this is a recap on SSG's life over the past week.


Is working his cute little behind to the bone at his new job.  Lucky for me, this means fewer offers to help me paint (SSG has a commitment problem and can't choose a color ... nor does she have the focus to actually, you know.  PAINT.)  But it also means that I haven't seen him since HE PICKED ME UP AT THE AIRPORT AND BROUGHT ME A VALENTINE'S DAY PRESENT.  Because he is the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.  Too bad he isn't mine.  But Jimmy is a a lucky, lucky man.  Luckily I get to see him on Saturday and might knock him to the ground and smother him with kisses ... which I THINK is the real reason he hands me a cocktail the second I walk in their door so I don't get a chance to do just that.  SSG is easily distracted by vodka.  

Living la Vida Single

One of SSG's girl friends and SSG have decided to pull themselves away from dinner parties and happy hour groups and get out and mingle, just the two of them, with the fine gentlemen of Portland.  We jokingly started calling it "Boyfriend Watch 2009" as a nod to the local newscasters who tend to label and WATCH everything.   

We chose a basketball game for our first outing.  Portland has a professional basketball team, the Blazers.  Perhaps you've heard of them?  Yeah we didn't go there.  We went to a college basketball game.  And then as we sat there, cracking up because the people in the stands were COLLEGE KIDS, I happened to spy a cutie on the court.

SSG:  Hey, that guy's pretty cute.
Friend:  He's a coach.
SSG:  And?
Friend:  Man we're old when we start looking at the coaches.
SSG:  Dude, you go right ahead and take your pick of anyone else here, Mary Kay Latourneau.

Afterward we went and grabbed a beer, flirted with a couple of boys and called it a night.  It was fun.  Next up ... an afternoon at one of the local breweries.  Stay tuned!  SSG is pretty sure she'll have NOTHING to tell you about.

I did however, do a little recon mission.  Monday afternoon I Googled the cutie on the court.  It turns out he's the athletic trainer for the team, so I sent the link to my friend who noticed his phone number and e-mail address.  "You should e-mail him!"  She said.  

Oh yes right.  And how would that go again?

"Um hi.  You don't know me and I swear I'm not a stalker but I saw you on Saturday at the game.  I thought you were cute, so I Googled the college, scrolled through the website to find the athletics department, found the team site, clicked on all of the coaches pictures until I found yours and low and behold it has no mention of a spouse but it DID include your phone number and e-mail addy!  WHAT are the chances?!"

Quiet Guy

It was Quiet Guy's birthday yesterday!  Everyone say Happy Birthday to QG!  Because I know he reads every day.  It's the only thing that explains him not talking to me for weeks at a time, doing a few drive by staring sessions in my cube and then telling me that I don't compliment him enough.  Um?  Aren't I the girl?  And wait, what?  We're not even dating.  Because OH YEAH, WE DON'T EVEN TALK TO EACH OTHER.  

This boy makes me shake my head on a daily basis.  Good thing he's part of the (small!) posse that's coming over to my house for a seven course dinner that will take hours.  I'm counting on the wine to loosen him up and get to the bottom of this business once and for all.  Otherwise SSG's head might explode ... or she'll just do a swan dive into her wine glass.

(BTW ... Work BFF heard this exact same rant yesterday.  I'm sure he loved it as I know you all do too.  Welcome to SSG's world.)

Work BFF

Work BFF and I have started critiquing peoples outfits.  It's something I do in my head and didn't realize he'd be into it until we started our now daily debate of if men's socks should match their pants or their shoes.  SSG says they should match men's pants unless they're wearing khakis or jeans because SSG IS RIGHT.  

Work BFF has himself convinced that men's socks should match their shoes.  Which um.  No.  

Anyhoo ... men, women we critique everyone.  Which both of us find hilarious because neither of us are particularly good looking ... or stylish.  But that doesn't stop us from pointing out to each other what would make other people better than they currently are.  So in that vein, we've taken to calling ourselves ...


But enough about SSG, how are YOU?


Living on the Spit said...

Woo hoo, I can call off the FBI missing person search I had co-ordinated...well, maybe you might not want me to do that.

I am so glad to see you back! You have been SO missed and um, Dude....can you please give advanced warning when you need to bloggie break again?

Happy, happy birthday QG!

belladella said...

YIPPEE- I was having withdrawals. SSG is to Bella- what Spree are to SSG. I need my fix :)

I am thinking that you should totally e-mail the trainer dude- what do you have to lose? Don't worry about the dignity stuff or anything. Or you could go to another game and get close to him and fall down hurt- so he has to "train" you. Trainers seem to be helpful in those situations.

Welcome back!


Molly said...

Well, now, that was certainly a re-entry with a splash!

1. knock back the cocktail AND knock Predo to the ground and conver him with kisses

2. guys don't get creeped out by women they don't know emailing them. Email the trainer.

3. QG? No words.

4. Socks? Match shoes? Pants? Hmmm. I will consult the clotheshorses at work.

The Incredible Woody said...

I always thought men were supposed to wear contrasting sock/shoes - ie black socks with white shoes, etc. At least that's what my father does....

Rhiannon said...

I have had some wicked writer's block, too. I use all my good words up at work. And, then I come home and all I can talk about is the lady I was behind when I got into Salem who GET THIS not only had two Tigger stickers on the back of her SUV, she also had one of those things that covers up the hitch that had Tigger on it.

And, you can't really make a full post of that. Or can you?

Lys said...

So you took a brief mental vacay - 'sall good. We missed you horribly and were about to send out the National Guard armed with Sprees, Coffee and the latest Williams Sonoma catalog to pull you back but we totally understand.

Let me know how the dinner party goes :)

Frita said...

Finally... was missing you! We need to choose our Mariners game to go to. Perhaps we should go to a new Seattle Sounders Soccer game too! Think they are going to be all the rage with the young fellows in the pacific nw. Would be great fodder for Boyfriend watch 2009! :o)

Predo said...

I am so glad your back! One question though.....When you say "get to the bottom" when referring to quiet guy, which "bottom" are you talking about? said...

SO good to have you back!
Predo is a doll and the best boyfriend you, (or anyone else), could ever have!
Athletic Trainer stalker? I think I heard about you on the news the other night... just saying! ;-)
I seriously think you need to add a wee bit of sodium pentathol (sp?) to his wine to get the full scoop on this guy. If that doesn't work maybe a little torture?
And finally, the very best place to critique other people is the mall. I mean have you ever seen such a mass of bizarre looking people all in one locale? Yup. The mall has some weirdo's.