Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh Yes, About That

I leave for Los Angeles on Saturday morning ... and I just realized I have no idea how I'm getting to the airport or what time my flight leaves.

And therein lies the problem.

Usually I have a minor meltdown a day or two before any trip I take.  For some reason I feel, always at that PRECISE moment, that I MUST rearrange furniture, clean the inside of light fixtures and get the stuff out of my car's trunk that has been there for MONTHS, but! I. Must. Clean. It. Out. NOW. 

I'm not a nervous flyer or anything.  I LOVE to travel.  Everything about it--including being at the airport feeling tres sassy wheeling my well packed bag behind me with a new magazine tucked under my arm and a warm vanilla latte in hand.  For whatever reason, I just become this nervous bundle of anxious energy any time I leave my house for an extended period of time.  

I keep waiting for this meltdown, but surprisingly I haven't had it yet.  (SSG fully realizes there is still tonight where it could potentially be unleashed.  Does anyone have any silver they need polished?)

And while it's AWESOME to not have these feelings of teh crazies, I think it's because I've just decided to go ahead and FORGET everything instead.

The Bobs invited me up to Seattle in a few weeks to go to a Home & Garden show.  I was super excited and asked a friend of mine if she'd mind housesitting for me while I was gone.  

SSG's Friend:  Let me check my calendar.  I feel like I have something that weekend.
SSG:  Okay! 
Friend:  Um, I'm supposed to be going to a basketball game Saturday night.
SSG:  Oh no worries!
Friend:  With YOU. 
SSG:  OH!  YEAH!  Ohmahgah we're going to have SO much fun!

I bought my niece and nephew some things in Paris.  Four months ago.  I have NO idea where they are.

My sister asked me to bring her ONE thing from Portland.  But I couldn't tell you what that ONE THING WAS.

SSG THINKS she might write a blog or something?  

And oh yes, has she told you she's going to post while she's on vacation?  Because for some reason SSG thinks a single girl who lives alone and typically enjoys lots of cocktails and snarky conversation is going to have MUCH to write about during a week of staying in a house with a 3 year old, a 1 year old, 2 dogs and my sister and brother in law?  (Luckily SSG's sister said she's stocking the house with lots of wine and vodka.)

No?  She hasn't told you that?  Sorry about that.  Well, she just forgot ... but she's not currently scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush.  So there is that ...

So stay tuned for SSG's Adventures in Babysitting!  It will be super fun!

Now let's see.  I know there is something else I'm forgetting ...

Umz, I tink u 4getz teh cookeez 4 teh FiSHeR maybeez?


The Incredible Woody said...

I'll take you. What time do I need to get there? It will only take me about 36 hours to get there, as long as there are no traffic snarls!

Living on the Spit said...

I get super excited too. I will send cookies for Fisher boo. He is so cute.

I can not wait to hear all about your trip!!!

Molly said...

Let her come visit me! I have at least one more piece of furniture suitable for the napping activity, and the big yard in back for running to and fro with my two goofs, and large bags dog food and we have Cookeez, too!

That face is adorable, but the ears are what get me every time :)

Bon voyage!

Frita said...

Last time we were at the airport it was to meet you in Paris bob! Can't wait til we're all headed off together again. Will it be Italy or France... or Greece? Have we decided for sure yet? Need to get crackin on that.

Have a lovely time in LA my dear. You know how we love it there. Will there be any trips to Disneyland with the kiddos?

So over the weekend...let's say Saturday night around 9ish - you raise your lemon drop and I'll raise my tropical frou frou drink (it will be earlier for me but knowing my friend, I'm sure drinks will be flowing) and we'll toast each other on vaca. K? :o)

Be safe and have fun!

Candy said...

I tend to have my meltdown when I arrive. I'm a nest builder. I need time to unpack and put things where they should be. And if I don't get that opportunity, I lose it.

belladella said...

Miss you already :) Have a great time!

Lys said...

Have a GREAT vacation SSG! I hear ya on the pre-vacay crazies - I always flip into panic mode.

You'll be fine.. however, should the offer to polish silver still stand, I might just take you up on it.

Predo said...

I will see you in the morning for the airport run. Fisher will be just fine at the neighbors, and I even told "day care" that you would be out of town. No worries, you just go ahead and forget everything you want except the trip back here to see me!!!!

Oh, don't you forget about my Sexy Bootay either! Wait, how is that possible, you most definitely could not forget that. "Hammer time......"

mom x 2 said...

I'll be right over to pick you up and take you to the airport... wait, I am an entire country away, so maybe not "right" over..... Have fun on your trip! I can't wait to hear all about it. said...

I think Fisher and I should hang out while you're gone.
It's funny you're doing the intense housecleaning thing today cause so am I. Only I'm not getting to go anywhere fun. I hope you have a wonderful time and I KNOW you'll have lots of good stories for us!

big hair envy said...

I'd like for you to come to my house the next time you are about to really could use a good scrubbing:) In addition, I'd LOVE for Fisher to come and stay with us - there are LOTS of cookeez at Casa de Envy.....

Enjoy your trip, and take lots of pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh. That looks like such a forlorn puppy...