Monday, February 16, 2009

Shots From a Family Vacay

Hey Everyone!

I have the day off from work today (Happy Prezzies Day!) and am nursing a little cold ... and a little homesick heart.  But here are some shots from my week in California.  I've been enjoying getting caught up on your weeks too!

As if we needed any more proof that Predo is the bestest friend a girl could have.  This is the sweetie at 6 a.m.

One of my favorite spots to be in the world ...

Even boys and dogs can wear tiaras ...

Never too early to jump start a love of cooking ... and magazines.

Story time at Barnes & Noble.

Rainy day in L.A.

Why didn't SSG have a quarter?!?!?!

This might as well be SSG's heart.

Running on fumes at bedtime.


Cupcake Face.


SSG can now recite this entire book from memory.

SSG's first two nephews.

Coming home was TOUGH.  But it was made easier by ALL THE LOVE that awaited SSG unexpectedly!  Predo not only picked her up, but also brought her a Valentines Day prezzie.  She ran into Predo's sweet friends at their house and got a Valentine from this sweetie pie right here.  And as she was driving up the hill to her house, she saw her neighbor walking her dog AND sweet Fisher who jumped into the car after 0.2 seconds and covered SSG with kisses.  The day ended with another neighbor bringing by Valentines Day cupcakes.

SSG is one serendipitous girl indeed!


7 comments: said...

You are indeed one lucky girl to have all that love awaiting you upon your return!
This says a lot about you... you must be a very lovable person!

belladella said...

I can just feel all the love. I know it was hard to return to "normal" life. Nieces and nephews have a way of making you feel like a rock star or something. It's hard not see them all the time. I know your family loved having you there.

And chewy spree machine??? Hello! Ha.


Anonymous said...

awwww...your vacation looks kinda like my recent trip...filled with cute little faces and good friends!

Lys said...

Awwww - how sweet!!! I'm so glad you had a great vacay and, yes, Predo is quite the gem!

Living on the Spit said...

Okay...I ave been in some serious SSG withdrawal...I mean, I know you posted and everything, but..

well, you are my chewy sprees and I just missed the heck out of you!

I am glad you had a great time with the kiddo's. Welcome back!

Molly said...

Little girl in galoshes w/umbrella?

Dachsund donning tiara?

Great photos!

Glad you're back!!

Predo said...

Ah, what a great day! I hope you are feeling better!