Sunday, February 8, 2009

Starbucks Crushes

So you've all heard me mention that I have a crush on a guy I've seen ONCE in Starbucks.  Friday was the day we were all looking for him again.  But, unfortunately no such luck.  As I told Work BFF, he will remain a fond memory.  And then I promptly got distracted by some gorgeous tulips at the florist.  (Because, whee!  Spring!)

The boys however, did see THEIR Starbucks crush on Friday.  She's a super cute girl that they've all got a thing for ... and coincidentally, just the type of girl that intimidates SSG.  Kind of like SSG's hairdresser.  

They're wee pixies of little things and wear their hair in funky styles with layers of ripped clothes and long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts with checkerboard Vans and big rings.  You know they spend their weekends checking out local bands and probably have multiple tattoos.  But they also have angelic faces and a cool, relaxed style that SSG envies.   

If SSG tried any of that it would look like Tina Fey got into Avril Lavigne's closet.  (But for the record SSG REALLY wants a pair of checkerboard slip on Vans ... and she does dig on local bands.)

Most days the boys just kind of ogle Starbucks Girl and try and look to see if she's wearing a ring.  But Friday?  They made contact.

Work BFF:  Dude, I totally talked to her.
Work Guys:  WHAT?!  You DID?  What did you say?
BFF:  She was in the way of the sugar, so I said 'excuse me.'
SSG:  She SO wants you.


The Incredible Woody said...

Yeah, she is SO into them!!

I envy people that have a relaxed sense of style and confidence - people that just seem to carry themselves as if there is not a care in their heads!

Angela said...

You should look for the song "Taylor the Latte Boy". It was recorded by Kristin Chenoweth, among other people. The lyrics are here.

mom x 2 said...

Definitely into them! Absolutely! ;)

Living on the Spit said...

With the exception of Predo, boys are STUP ID!!!

LOL, great post though. said...

HAHAHA! That is SO lame! Tell them I said to "man up" and strike up a conversation.
So if the cute guy is in there next time, what do you think you'll do? Or not do? For sure some eye contact. Maybe a smile for him? said...

I just read the lyrics to "Taylor the Latte Boy". Angela is right, you need to also.
I'm thinking this might be your new ring tone!;-)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post! I have seen a couple of exceptionally pretty ladies in Starbucks before, but as is often said, "Beauty is only skin deep; it's what's inside that counts."

Maybe, maybe not...

Suz Broughton said...

You crack me up. You rule SSG! Must try to sneak picture of starbucks boy if you see him again.

Predo said...

OMG! I am soooo laughing out loud! They need to write her a "Do you like me" note and put it by the sugar!!!!!

Ah, love and lust, turns every man into a little school girl!!!

Maxie said...

my freshman year of college my friend were "in love" with this coffee shop guy. We made up a name for him and everything... after doing some awesome facebook stalking we found him and the name we were using was RIGHT! I mean his name was matt so that's pretty common, but it was still funny.

Never did talk to him though...hmmm wonder what he's up to.

Lys said...

I have to laugh at leaving a note in the sugar cup... good idea. *LOL*

As for Starbucks boy, covert pics are needed!