Thursday, February 5, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

Yesterday was weird.   I noticed it around the bloggy world too.  Did the moon set in the 27th pond over a rising cow's house or something?

By the time I got home I just shook my head, put on my jammies and crawled onto the couch to watch The Bachelor ... because THAT show constituted normalcy.

My Wingman

SSG:  Dude, Hot Starbucks Guy isn't here AGAIN.
Work BFF:  Is THAT why you've been doing your hair all week?
SSG:  NO!  
Work BFF:  (Raises an eyebrow.)
SSG:  Yes, GAH!
Work BFF:  Okay, what day did we see him?
SSG:  Friday.
Work BFF:  So we'll look for him on Friday.
SSG:  Like a stakeout?
Work BFF:  Yeah, we'll come down at 7 a.m. 
SSG:  (Ignores him.)  And THEN when we see him pretend I said the FUNNIEST thing you've ever heard.
BFF:  (Laughs and shakes his head ... probably thinking THANK GOD I'm married to a normal woman.)
SSG:  And THEN say really loudly "I can't BELIEVE you're SINGLE?  You're AWESOME!  Any guy would be SO LUCKY to go out with you!" 
BFF:  Dude, and then what would you do if let's say ... he looked at you?
SSG:  (Stares blankly.)
BFF:  Exactly.
SSG:  It's like you KNOW me or something.

Dinner Party News

SSG has settled on a menu.  And one of the guests, in an interesting turn of events, is going to be none other than ... Quiet Guy.  Who actually asked if he could come and then said he's looking forward to it.  This party will be taking place on Saturday, April 4th ... and SSG is hoping between now and then she is able to pick up her jaw off the floor.


Um, when has SSG EVER written about cars?  

("Never" would be the correct answer.)

When SSG was younger, she used to only like guys that drove stick shifts.  And maybe even broke up with a guy once because it annoyed her that he sat so close to the steering wheel.  Okay and MAYBE also because he bounced when he walked.  And that's not code for him being gay, because if he was gay he would have become SSG's BFF and she would have grabbed his bouncy ass like she does Predo's.

Where was I again?

Oh yeah!  Vinyl Village put up a post on cars today.  And it got me thinking about my first car.  Lovingly known as "The Serx."  

It was a super cute 1986 Red Honda CRX just like this one.  SSG bought it on her 18th birthday, in 1992 and didn't get rid of it until she drove, sobbing up a San Diego freeway to pick up her new car in 2002.

SSG gets attached to things. 


There Are Cool Moms Out There!

Actually, I know there are A LOT of cool moms out there--SSG is looking at you AWESOME READERS.  And you dads too!  But today a post over at Simmer Till Done made SSG smile and hope that if she ever has a serendipitous daughter, that their relationship looks a lot like this one.


The Incredible Woody said...

So the 27th pond thing is why I couldn't sleep last night!!

Suz Broughton said...

Totally get the whole "bounced when he walked" thing. Very Journey. Me no likie.

Living on the Spit said...

Probably explains why I got no snow too.

My dinner invitation probably got lost in the mail.

Quiet guy, really now? Hmmmm, what's that all about? Is work friend that no longer works WITH you coming?

Molly said...

My BFF had a red honda civic that she drove to college. it was probably a 1986, too! And I have a picture of her in the car, AFTER we ran about 3 miles...why I felt the need to capture the sweaty car moment, I don't know. I think I'll go look for that picture. It might get me some remuneration for keeping it lost...

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVED the CRX! I wish they would make it again...

belladella said...

Quiet guy is coming to dinner??? What??? What? And he invited himself and is excited about it??? What??? Can we say crush on SSG? said...

I went. I read. I commented. That was very cute. I wonder if she would consider doing a daughter exchange program. I could even do a two for one thing and that always sounds like such a good deal... Hummmm.

auntiepeep said...

My high school sweetheart drove a CRX! They may look less than roomy on the inside, but many unsavory acts can take place inside a CRX. That's what I've heard anyway. . . . .

Marilyn said...

Aw, thanks for the cool-mom shout-out. I'm pretty sure Josie would think you fallen victim to the full moon for saying that - but I appreciate it.