Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Friday!

Yes, yes, I KNOW it's Halloween!  But I couldn't NOT show you this picture.  Last night I took Fisher down the street to a park we go to almost every evening.  I live in a little row house and don't have a backyard, so the parks around here SAVE us.  Because Fisher?  LOVES TO RUN.

She has had a sore paw for the past few days and missed going to doggy daycare this week.  To compensate, I brought out her special pink ball for her to play with.  She LOVES her special pink ball.  Or any ball for that matter.  And cookies.

This weekend brings the time change and with it, earlier evenings.  I just didn't want to forget my girl and these moments we've had where she's happy to play until I tell her it's time to go home.  Instead of being disappointed we're leaving, she jumps into the car as if it's her favorite place to be.

Once home, she runs up the stairs, gives the cat a big lick on the top of his head and then sits down and looks at me as if to say "What fun thing are we doing next?!  Sitting on the couch?Really?!  YAY!"

And if anyone is still wondering why I have a dog?  THAT is why.

What fun things are you all doing this weekend?


Molly said...

Great summary of why we have dogs! And Fisher? Love that name. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I'll be playing with my dog and cat this weekend...of course!! I might even manage to get some laundry done:) No big plans. We're all partied out from last weekend!

No, you are NOT an idiot. The BBF tag is the easiest one I have ever done. Just list five of your faves and link to them. It's all about spreading the love!!!

Unknown said...

I love Fisher and must send her some cookies. Thanks for showing the pups!!

I am relaxing and relaxing and relaxing. It was a hectic week in the Environmental world.


Bella Della said...

Yes, that is exactly why we have our animals. Love it. No weekend plans- that's the way I like it. Oh, I need a slider update.

Lys said...

Its amazing how much the animals in our life just can bring a smile to one's face. And Fisher co-habbin' with a cat peacefully? Fisher needs to teach Shadow a lesson about how to deal with puppies.