Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend ABC's - F is for Favorite Things

Do you remember back when I used to do my weekend ABC's?  And I'd have fun things to tell you about like skinny dipping or spur of the moment trips to San Diego?  That was during the "Serendipitous" days peeps.  And now?  The "Sometimes" period.  

I got NOTHIN'. 

This weekend all I did was study.  For a midterm.  Excuse me, but didn't I GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE 11 YEARS AGO?

Yes, yes I did.  However, something (read: insanity) made me decide I wanted to get my master's and now I'm wondering who gave me the massive amounts of drugs I must have been taking when I made that decision.  And where is that person now when I REALLY need them?

So as I was laying in bed, not sleeping last night, I decided to think of some things that make me happy.  Lest I forget I'm not some robot who only works and goes to school and swoons over television actors because I can't muster up enough energy to leave my couch and interact with real live men ... that I don't work with.


I love Portland, don't get me wrong, but my breath catches every time I go to Seattle.  I lived there for four years and even though the traffic is worse, the housing prices are more expensive and people seem a little colder than they used to be--it still makes me smile every time I go.  Puget Sound to the west, Lake Union to the north and Lake Washington to the east, it's hard not to drive down a road and see water.  And if you happen to spy Mt. Rainier on one of the days when it's "out" from behind the clouds--well, be careful.  It has been known to cause a few car wrecks it's so stunning.

The Ex List

Is anyone but me watching this show?  It's on CBS on Friday nights ... which means I probably AM the only person who is watching.  They had me from the pilot episode when a bunch of girls are in a limo after a bachelorette party and one of them in mid sentence stops talking, starts singing along to the radio with the rest of her friends for one verse, and then goes back to the conversation she was having.  Forget Survivor or Big Brother, THAT'S reality TV ... even though it's fiction.  Whatever.  It's good.  

Grey Goose Lemon Drops

I have not had nearly enough of these lately.

Down Comforters

Fall has arrived in Portland.  I swapped out my summer bedding for my heavy down comforter with its thick, taupe colored duvet cover.  At the foot of the bed is a deep plum wool blanket.  Crawling into bed each night is heaven.  And I have decided I am never leaving.  Please notify my office.  Thank you.


I was in love with the Irish band The Script when I got back from France, but right now this band is suiting my mood.  Quiet, introspective ... and okay, YES slightly moody ... and maybe a little PMS-y?  I keep replaying "Too Soon" and "I Am Still Running" and oh yeah, "On Your Way."

Fall Breakfasts

Gone are the fruits and yogurts of summer.  I've swapped them for warm oatmeal, a splash of milk, pat of butter and sprinkling of brown sugar and cinnamon.

I hope you have a warm, soothing and cozy week.  And I promise to have a lemon drop for you if you promise to have one for me, okay?


Fabulously Broke said...

Ohhh.. down comforters...

Living on the Spit said...

Yummm on the oatmeal. That always yells FALL to me! I have neevr been to the west coast and it is on my bucket list...I am sure I would like the contrast in coasts.

Hang in there with will pay off in the end.

Love ya,


belladella said...

Wonderful list. I want to be under the down comforter eating oatmeal :) I am finally back at work. Back, but not working. It will take a few days to remember exactly what it is I do here. Thanks for reminding me that I do not want to go back to school :) I have these moments where I am ready to head back and get my masters. Crazy talk! Haha.

Big Hair Envy said...

You can NEVER go wrong with furthering your education. When Snow White is done with college, I want to go back to become a Marine Biologist:) Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Oatmeal, down comforters, snuggling....Fall really isn't so bad after all! said...

It's a deal and I too enjoy The Ex List.
Now where did I leave my cocktail shaker...?

Molly said...

Grey Goose I know, but GG Lemon Drop sounds like something I should become acquainted with.

I Love Seattle, too: the first time I went I left Montgomery, AL in July's heat (high heels sinking in the asphalt, hair wilting upon stepping out the door) and arrived in Seattle to lovely grey skys and drizzle. I was so happy. We took a road trip to the little town they filmed Northern Exposure in...Roslyn, I think. I didn't want to go home until Fall.
And I admire the drive to get the Masters!

Anonymous said...

I am also an early thirties, Portland based female. I too, love Seattle and all it's glory. There's just something about it.