Sunday, October 12, 2008


We stayed at a little art deco hotel called Hotel le Meurice, one block off the famous boardwalk that boarders the Mediterranean.  Though no Mas d'Etoiles, it was clean and had its own charm with its canopied beds and an old fashioned elevator that could fit one person at a time.

The ocean to the south, and plenty of shopping one block to the north, the hotel was centrally located and we headed out to explore.

I will never forget seeing the moon rising over Nice.

Just as the sun was setting to the west.

We had great pizza for dinner and went to bed early.  We only had one full day left and a lot of doors still left to open.


Molly said...

Forgive me if I already said this: This time last year I was just returning from my first overseas trip - Tuscany and Umbria. Getting to read about your trip to France has made me think about my trip again - and how much I enjoyed it. Your photos are lovely! said...

Wow! Love the pictures! Where is that door leading?