Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend ABC's - S is for Spoiled in Seattle

Hello All!

Happy Monday!  This weekend I headed up to Seattle with Digs.  The best thing about returning over and over to a city where you used to live is that you can bypass all of the tourist shit and get down to business at some of your favorite dining establishments.

Like Trophy Cupcake which is located in my old neighborhood, Wallingford.  I miss you Wallingford and walking around you, Green Lake.  And about you Green Lake, I really needed to pay you a visit for one of our walks because I had a couple of these ...

But instead of walking around Green Lake, we took a little drive around it instead.  What?  

This about sums that decision up ... 

Well that and we had to get here for cocktails ...

This is the Westin, where we met up with family and friends.  We also ended up rearranging their entire lobby so we could all sit together for a couple of drinks before dinner.  Digs' sisTAH went to Notre Dame and her brother in law went to University of Washington.  The two teams "played" (read: UW got their asses handed to them) on Saturday, so everyone was in town for the occasion.  

We went to Icon Grill, one of my all time favorite places to eat.  Like EVER.  I love this place and try to hit it up whenever I'm in town.  The funny part about this restaurant is a guy I dated for about 5 minutes brought me here on our first date ... then again, can it be considered a FIRST date after a drunken hook up at a bar the weekend before?  Are you there Emily Post?  It's me, SSG.  ANYWAY, he was gone by the end of summer, but the restaurant has stayed.  Thanks Ryan!

The Icon Grill is in downtown Seattle and has the most amazing decor--pink walls with large gold mirrors and red carpet.  It's gaudy, but in a fun way.  
The chandeliers have these incredible blown glass balls that look like old fashioned candy.  The artist studied under Chihuly.  If you've ever been to Vegas, Chihuly is the guy that designed the blown glass flower ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio.  He CRAZAAY (read:  has an EYE patch), but I love his work.

After dinner and ... a lot of wiiiiine ... I left for the Bobs.  This is what it would have looked like had I shown up during the day.  But I didn't show up until after 11 p.m. and then I kept them up until after 1 a.m.  (sorry Bobs!)   I always seem to be a stress ball when I go to their house and was freaking out so bad that at one point Mr. Bob got up in the middle of our conversation and broke out the largest bottle of Tanqueray I've ever seen in my life.  

Let me just tell you.  A gin and tonic right before bed?  Does WONDERS.

So does falling asleep in a pink, princess playroom and waking up to skies like this.

The Bobs were getting ready for their annual Halloween party.  I helped.  

And by helped I mean read cookbooks while sitting on the couch drinking coffee.  Every once and a while I'd make the long trek to steal a couple of items from this bowl.

After all of that hard work, I took a nap.  But not before snapping a couple of pictures of Mrs. Bob's handiwork.

Oh and those two little cat ears in the mirror up there?  Your author, courtesy of Mrs. Bob.  Not only do I show up, keep my hosts up until the wee hours before their party and then do absolutely nothing to help, I also expect them to provide me with a Halloween costume (see Wah-dah-tay, you and Jimmy aren't the only ones!).  

Now, who wants me to come for a visit? 

Let me just say, the Bobs put on an amazing Halloween party.  Full of delicious food and drinks and adorable little kids and their equally adorable parents.  I was watching the kids run around playing games and carving pumpkins (in between watching the World Series, of course, because me as guest = AWESOME).  At least once every 5 minutes one of the seven kids that were there would get scooped up--sometimes by their parents, sometimes by someone else's parents--for a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.  They'd always get set back down with an "I love you!" being called as they ran off to their next adventure.  

And even though I'm a little too big to be picked up and often times a bump on a log houseguest, I am always made to feel the exact same way.

Thanks to everyone who was part of such a great weekend!  The door is always open at Camp Portland!

Your SSG

5 comments: said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great time! It also sounds like anyone would have given the circumstances. The Bobs sound like great people and I am glad you have them in your life.
While I would KILL for one of those cupcakes I think I would even rather have some of those wonderful sights to take in. Seattle is beautiful! At least from your perspective.

belladella said...

What a great weekend! I want to come visit! And I want some of those cupcakes pronto. Have a great Monday!

Big Hair Envy said...

I'm SO jealous that you got to wake up in a pink princess playroom! You get to have ALL the fun:(

Seattle looks like one awesome place to visit. The verdict is still out on the red and pink restaurant decor, but I would LOVE to try their food! You can have the cupcakes, just bring me a steak and a glass of red wine....yuummmm! I'll be right over...

Wah-Dah-Tay said...

You are cheating on us!

Frita said...

A little late to comment were the Belle of the ball. All of our friends want you to come to all of the parties :)