Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mom, He's Looking at Me!

So there's this guy at work.  And he's SUPER quiet.  You may remember me mentioning him?  He's the one I yell to over my cube wall to see if he wants to hear his horoscope.  And if he doesn't answer me I ask him if he wants the "Daily Flirt" or the "Daily Single" and when he still doesn't answer, I say "Ok, I'll read them both and THEN I'll read you mine.  This is going to be SO awesome!"  Which makes him say all irritably "FINE!  DAILY FLIRT!"  

He's the guy that works 12 hours a day even though no one expects him to and most of the time he doesn't talk during that 12 hours.  He's also the guy who has 10 beers and THEN opens up, even telling ME at a party "why are you being so BORING tonight?"  (For the record.  SSG is NEVER boring ... unless of course she falls asleep during the party, which she has, ahem, NEVER done.)  I can NOT figure this guy out.  I just assumed he didn't care for me and have been leaving him alone for the past couple of months.  Well that, and my two favorite interns came on full time after graduating from their respective MBA programs.  And they give me all kinds of things to work with.  

Like today we covered the following topics--rock bands of the 70's and early 90's, why polygamy is illegal and how you can raise girls to not make them college quarterback stalking skanks.  I think my input was asked for on that last bit because I'm seemingly a non college quarterback stalking skank.  But I failed to tell them, I used to be kind of a college BASEBALL stalking skank.

What?  I turned out just FINE.

Where was I again?

Oh yeah!  Quiet guy.  He's started LOOKING at me.  Not like passing each other on our way to the water cooler and our eyes meet kind of looking, but like ... I'll be sitting at my desk writing a report and he'll stick his face into my cube, not say anything and then walk away kind of looking.

The first time it happened, I shrugged it off.  But it's been happening every couple of days for WEEKS.  And when I ask him about it, after mouthing "WTF?!?!" to myself, he says "what?"

So today, I'm in our lunchroom putting my lunch in the fridge and I stand up, turn to walk out and see a person jump away from the lunchroom door.  When I walked into the hallway, Quiet Guy was speed walking toward our office.  I started shaking my head and as he opened the door for me he said "you must think I'm so weird."  

Yes, yes I do.

Readers, WTF?!?!

So far, according to two of the people I've polled (one guy and one girl), these are possible options:
  • He's checking to see if I'm actually working (which for the record has NOTHING to do with whether or not I'm sitting at my desk.)
  • He has to tell me something.
  • He's shy.
  • He's creepy.
What do you guys think?  Does he want to murder me, kiss me, tell me I have something in my teeth, want to hear his horoscope?  Haaaaallllp!   


belladella said...

I think he has a creepy crush on you. By the way, I am totally jealous of your office full of folks- weird or not. There are just 4 of here and trust me that gets old after a while. And only one guy!

Living on the Spit said...

I too think it's cool that ya'll have these fun coversations amongst each other. My office is soooooooo quiet with nerdy research going on. We email each other funny stuff but that is about it...even when we have a company function, you can hear the crickets chirping.

Now, on about the guy in the office. I spent a good part of a year the same as you talking to a co-work (at my old job) that didn't like to talk back, but I forced him to talk...most people thought he just didn't anyone....this coming February will be our 4 year anniversary!!!

The quiet ones can be the BEST ones.


Fabulously Broke said...

He likes you. For sure.

And he's probably just shy. Super dead shy and cannot muster up any courage to talk to you

Candy said...

OK, my interpretation is almost the same as everyone else's but here's the twist.

I think he likes you, and he doesn't want to. Like, you're totally not the kind of girl he normally talks to. You're outgoing, gorgeous, all the things that make a shy guy nervous as hell. But he's drawn to you and can't help himself.

Be prepared for him to simply nail you to the wall and kiss your brains out one day. He sounds like he has a lot of pent up energy.

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Ok, from this point forward? I'm ALWAYS asking your advice because hello?! Flattering! I think ya'll are giving me way too much credit, so don't! Stop! I said don't stop! Thanks for the input, I will definitely keep you posted. Or if I go missing for a couple of weeks you'll know who did it.

Wah-Dah-Tay said...

Okay, play his game. Write him the following note and leave it on his desk:

Do you like SSG? _Yes _No
Do you want to date SSG? _Yes _No
Do you want to play "Crisco twister" with SSG? _Yes _No
Do you want to play "Hide the Weenie" with SSG? _Yes _Yes
Do you provide breakfast in bed? _Yes _No

Lys said...

*Still cracking up at Wade's comment*

I concur with the others - the boy is shy... so I'm of the opinion that he'll work up the courage to drag you into the office supply closet - just make sure there are no security cameras...