Saturday, October 11, 2008

Au Revoir Provence et Bonjour Nice!

These two have ruined me.

From now on, anywhere I go ... any hotel or B&B where I stay ... will be measured by Mas d'Etoiles.  This is Francois & Annette.  And they were two of the kindest people we met in France.  

They have a beautiful home.  Francois does the gardening himself.
While Annette takes care of the decor. 

Every morning we had fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, croissants with homemade jam and fresh figs from the tree outside.

And grapes from the vineyard next door, just to the west of the pool.

And each night I'd lay down my head and look at this window, wondering what on earth I had ever done to get so lucky.

I immediately started redecorating my house in my mind.  Black wrought iron and old fashioned linens will be making an appearance for sure.

Oh how I MISS you ...

But with big hugs goodbye and tears in our eyes, we pulled ourselves away and headed further south.

The gorgeous Mediterranean awaits.


Lys said...

There's something so elegant about Wrought Iron, no?

I'm always afraid of the B&B experience...