Thursday, October 30, 2008

Will They Ever Learn?

We're having a Halloween potluck at work on Friday.  I am bringing mini burgers, or sliders.  This, apparently, is something the guys at work have been looking forward to ever since I signed up a couple of weeks ago.  I had no idea how much until today.

Co-worker #1:  SSG, I've been thinking about your sliders.
SSG:  Oh?

CW #1:  Yeah, I've been worrying about how you're going to cook them at the office.
SSG:  Didn't you tell me yesterday guys don't worry or stew about stuff?
CW #2 jumps in:  We don't, we FIX things.
SSG:  So what about my burgers are you going to fix?

CW #2:  We think you should keep them warm in a crock pot.
SSG:  Do you have a crock pot?
CW #1 & #2:  No.

CW #3:  Maybe you could cook them on a hot plate?
CW #2:  No, they're making paninis on the hot plate and I don't think the vegetarians would like the burger grease.
SSG:  You guys, I'm going to cook the burgers at home, I'll keep them separate from the buns and you can reheat them in the microwave.

CW #2:  Maybe you should bring the buns tomorrow and then the BURGERS on Friday.  I wouldn't want to risk the buns getting smashed.  And then it'd be easier to carry.
CW #4 gets in the debate:  What about a camping stove?

CW #2:  You can't have propane in the building ... WAIT!  I know!  You can cook them over in the parking garage across the street.
CW #4:  Yeah!  Then if she's going to do that, we can just bring a barbecue.
SSG:  WHAT?  You want me to BARBECUE hamburgers in the PARKING garage across the street instead of you guys just reheating them in the microwave?  WAIT, please don't answer that.

CW #3:  Man ... maybe we should just heat the up in the microwave.
Our boss strolls up:  What's up guys?

CW #4:  Oh we're just helping SSG come up with a better plan to serve her sliders on Friday.
SSG:  And by "better plan" they mean coming to the exact same conclusion I did two weeks ago.

Boss:  That sounds about right.


Molly said...

Ok. If I had to guess, it'd be financial services or investment firm, insurance or real estate, because these guys sound like the ones I've been working with! I left out the public accounting guys from whom I learned ALL the colorful language, since you are studying accounting now (I think, anyway).

And from my vantage point of vast male co-worker experience, the answer to the title's question is

NO. But it's fun to watch them try :)

Living on the Spit said...

Oh, can you PLEASE take picutres of these guys!!!

I am rolling on the floor right now. I completely understand though...completely.

My pumpkin ran out of candy yesterday and I thought they were going to cry because it didn't magically refill itself.

LMAO...I really want to see pictures!


belladella said...

This is classic. I love it. I am living vicariously through you since I don't have any male coworkers- well, just my boss and that doesn't count.

Big Hair Envy said...

MMmmmmmm! Sliders!

You've been tagged:)