Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leave Your Cars Alone

One of the best compliments I ever received from a guy was: "SSG, you're definitely a woman, but you drive like a guy."   I like to drive.  Fast.  Assertive.  And ALWAYS with the proper soundtrack.  

And as you probably know by now, I love road trips.  When visiting new cities, I get the lay of the land by car first and then go back to places that pique my interest to cover them on foot.  Like Meg Ryan's character in French Kiss, "I get around as nature intended.  In a car."   I respect cars and the freedom that they provide us.  And I think it's time we extend our vehicles the same courtesy.

I've talked about my hatred of bumper stickers here.  But this hatred also extends to personalized license plates and personalized license plate frames.  What did your car ever do to you?  Cars do not deserve such blatant disregard for their FEELINGS.  You may be an Obama supporter, but do you think your car that was manufactured in JAPAN is?  (Hint:  No.)

I beg of you.  Please stop torturing your vehicles by putting "KoolGuy" on your license plate.  Or "51% Angel & 49% Bitch: Don't Push Me" on your license plate frames.  Because SSG thinks you're 51% lame and 49% douche bag and now?  She really wants to push you.


Rhi said...

You are SO RIGHT. I actually cringe whenever I see the dealer frame on my license plates. I'm going to go ahead and find my tool kit and remove those :)

Also, I love to learn about Portland bloggers! YAY!