Monday, May 12, 2008

Senator Obama Answers My Question

Last Friday the office was all atwitter.  Senator Obama was here!   Not only in town, but in OUR office building.  "How do you know for sure?!"  "What could he be doing here?!"  "Do you think we can shake his hand?!"  "Does he have Secret Service?"  Our Admin Assistant was ALL over it.

Nancy Drew spied a police officer at the door to the gym downstairs and managed to put two and two together.  She marched directly up to the door of the gym on a mission.  But apparently her set hair and brocade jacket with a broach must have tipped off the police officer to the fact that she may not be there for a routine workout.  He was kind enough to answer her questions.  Yes, Obama was in the building.  The hotel he was staying at didn't have a gym and so he was downstairs using ours.  And no, she could not meet him.

We got the full report and after the initial excitement wore off, SSG had two questions:
1)  We have a gym downstairs?
2)  Doesn't the fact that your hotel is sans gym, legitimately excuse you from a workout?

I think it was then that I had an Oprah copyrighted "Aha! Moment."  So that's why my jeans are  um ... snug.  

Thanks Obama!