Thursday, February 21, 2008


Folks ... what is up with bumper stickers? I was behind a woman who had no less than FOURTEEN on her car today. Talk about junk in your trunk.

Maybe I recognized the futility at a young age. When I was in third grade and my sister, who was teasing her bangs for her first day in seventh grade, made me go out to the car and scrape off the Mighty 690 sticker from our VW bus window. "NO ONE in junior high listens to Mighty 690," she said, followed, I'm sure, by "Moooom, do we have any more Aqua Net?!" I most likely was muttering something along the lines of "I'm never sticking one of these stupid things on my car when I get older." And I haven't ... well except for that one SDSU sticker on the back of my CRX in 1992 ... and there maaaaaay have been a sorority sticker on the back of that same CRX, but that was only for 5 minutes ... which also, coincidentally was the same amount of time I spent in a sorority. But no more since then, I swear.

I get that people have opinions and beliefs, I get that you may have a "Baby on Board" or that you "Brake for Kitties" or whatever, but what I really question is the bumper sticker's effectiveness to bring about change in the world. And change is what these people want, right? Since clearly, most of these bad boys have some pretty heavy messages--Impeach Bush, Happiness is a Tight Pussy, My Other Ride is Your Mom. Refuse to Abuse. Is the guy behind you in the lifted truck with gun racks on the back really going to scratch his red neck and say "By golly, I have been treating my wife unfairly I guess I won't go kick her around tonight." I think not.

So you can imagine my reaction when I was talking to my dad tonight telling him the news about a certain little European trip planned and he said, "Man you must be telling everyone! Have you put a bumper sticker on your car yet?"