Thursday, May 22, 2008

Breaker Breaker One Nine

There was a brief period in the life of Serendipitous Girl where I wanted to be a truck driver.  I was living in Seattle and it was the first time I had lived on my own.  I was in a city where I hadn't grown up and didn't know many people.  I missed my friends, had no money and wanted to get back to the days of road trips.  

"I know!  We could totally become truck drivers!  We could drive all over the country, check out different cities, get to hang out with each other AND call it work?  Why didn't anyone think of this when we were in college?"  

I even had an action plan:

1)  Convince friends to take truck driving class together.
2)  Go in on a "rig."
3)  Travel the country for a year and make mad cash because no one would have to pay any rent.

I convinced one person with my fervor.  That person?  Was me.

I often times wonder what my handle would have been ...


Anonymous said...

Breaker Breaker, is Beck-e-stra tow'n the line? You could be the first to introduce Martha to "interior cab design" (not a long haul from jail cells you know)! Anyway, I know you would be one tough trucker as long as you didn't have to break a nail (or me either for that matter - YIKES!) We could wear Daisy Dukes and taunt all those toothless wonders at the rest stop - NOW THAT IS HOT!