Thursday, May 8, 2008

An Excerpt from the Homeowner's Newsletter - May 2008

"Please remember to maintain outdoor pots and planters.  Landscaping must be in keeping with the property and visually appealing."

(I have NO idea who they might be talking to.)

Hello my lovlies!  Thanks for stopping by!  I am happy to say I've spent the last 3 hours at happy hour with the squad.  We went to Andina's in the Pearl and had maaaaany yummy cocktails and tapas.  You should go!  And if I could remember, or spell for that matter, any of the stuff I had--you'd be the first people I'd tell.  So the GARTIPOC (Great American Road Trip Including Parts of Canada, duh!) Part Two will be coming tomorrow when my brain is operating without the maniacal case of the giggles which is exactly what pretty drinks served in martini glasses will do to me.  That and make me think I can salsa dance.   

But!  In the meantime, this has been so "me, me, me!" focused--drop me a comment about where your favorite happy hour place is.  And let's make it about YOU for today.  I like to think of it as, "Instead of What SSG can do for you, what can you do for SSG?"

Your slightly tipsy SSG