Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Message from the Mutt

Hello Everyone!

I'm Fisher.  Aren't I cute?  That's what my mommy always says.  I don't know what it means, but its usually followed by hugs, kisses and cookies, so it must be good.  She had to go to a baby shower today, so I'm home all by myself.  But my mom wanted me to pop by and tell you that she hopes you're all having a great weekend.   She also said something about praying to god that there weren't any games involving chocolate bars in diapers at this baby shower thingy.
I don't know why--games, chocolate and diapers all sound good to me.


P.S.  Does anyone have a tennis ball?  What about a Frisbee?


Ree said...

Hey, Fisher. You are cute. And I can tell you what it means....there's a bunch of people out here going "Awwwww" as they look at your picture.