Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leaving on Vacation Meltdown

Does this just happen to me or does your mind go completely bonkers right before you depart on a vacation? How is it possible that every other day runs smoothly--work wrinkles get ironed out by the end of the day, laundry gets done on the weekends and I swear my purse doesn't always weigh 100 pounds.

I left my house this morning at 7 a.m.--so much for sleeping in on my first day of vacay! So far I have taken the mutt to the vet to get her vaccines updated (how is it possible that vaccinations coincide with EVERY vacation I take?), dropped the mutt off at "camp." (For the next five days she will play with her doggy friends by day and pass out in her kennel by night and judging by how quickly she forgot I existed once we set foot in the place, will probably not miss me for one second.) I swung by and had coffee with a friend for an hour, went to Target for q-tips (and left with a new pair of jeans, jacket and eye cream before dropping an F bomb and going back for q-tips). And then I drove by Borders.

I shouldn't, I thought to myself. I'm on a budget and have a ton of books and magazines at home. But I diiiid need reading material for the plane and haaaaave had that gift card burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas. So I peeled into the parking lot and was able to get out of there for less than $50 with some trashy magazines (for the plane!) and a couple of books on Provence. 12 guidebooks on Paris, and none on Provence. So I totally needed them!

Somehow I manage to lug all my wares into the house and wonder what could possibly be making my purse so heavy. I pull out no less than THREE books, a planner and a notebook. It's a wonder I don't throw my shoulder out! Good lawd!!

So I leave today for a quick Northern California adventure that will include a tour of Dig's new 'hood (she just bought a new condo and moved from San Francisco to Walnut Creek), a pass by Spleen's parents cattle ranch (affectionately called "Beef Camp") and then three days in Yosemite. And the only thing that stands between me and my flight later this afternoon? A total meltdown.

Why is it that all of a sudden right before I'm supposed to leave I feel like the house needs a massive cleaning, that the car could probably use one too and that there is no way I have enough clothes (or shoes!) to wear for four days away from Portland?

So I should probably go and tend to that laundry ... the packing ... the cleaning ... the whole going insane business ... but not without first saying goodbye for now!

Thanks for popping in for this meltdown already in progress ...