Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Park Bistro

So the geek squad and I headed out for lunch today. Usually we go on Fridays (us geeks like our routine) but today I felt like getting out and threw out an e-mail to the crew (despite the fact that we all sit no more than 10 feet from each other). Everyone was in, but where oh where to go? We've hit up most of the downtown lunch spots--Red Coach, Blue Plate, Bijou Cafe, Ford's On 5th, Fong Chong's for Dim Sum, Portland City Grill, I could go on and on. But today called for something new ... something different ... something slightly, oh I don't know, Parisian (it's getting annyoing, isn't it?)

I've said before that I'm down with any restaurant that has the word "bistro" in the title. Chuck E. Cheese could be called Chuck E. Cheese Bistro and I'd be first in line. So you can imagine that a little place called "The Park Bistro" located on SW Park in downtown Portland didn't escape my notice. I checked out their website and discovered they had a nice little breakfast and lunch menu complete with soups, paninis, salads and the like and the bonus is that they're oh so very Porltand and all about the sustainable agriculture. I love anyone who makes me feel like I'm helping the planet by doing what I'd normally be doing ... and if it includes eating, uh yes please!

We were welcomed into The Park Bistro by a really nice guy with stylish eye glasses and a chill but attentive demeanor. He was my favorite kind of server--giving us enough space but not too much and seemed genuinely glad we were there. We dove into the menu with gusto--everone ordered something different. I got a turkey, brie and spinach pesto sandwich with a tomato basil soup. There was a frittata on deck, a curried chicken sandwich and an egg scramble and some other chicken sandwich business. I was so busy stuffing my face that it took me a few minutes to look up and see if everyone liked what they had. Happy faces all around. (Whew, the squad can be a judgemental group sometimes!)

I finally stopped eating (so what if it was after my empty plate had been cleared) and noticed what a cheery little place we were in--pale yellow and tangerine walls, a gorgeous bar in the corner directly across from a couch that has my name written all over it and the art on the walls is tasteful. Turns out they have tapas and beer and wine for happy hour too. We were all figuring out when we'd be back for happy hour when with the check, we were brought two pieces of chocolate cheesecake--gratis. Ummmm ... could this place be any better?

So where admitedly yes, I would do almost anything for dessert ... especially chocolate desserts ... especially free chocolate desserts, I promise I was going to write about this place anyway. They're not open for dinner quite yet, but hurry up and get down there and give them enough business so they can. I can't promise the free chessecake, but I can promise you good food and the chance of seeing me there sipping a glass of vino on that couch ...