Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Random Exchange at the Office

I mentioned before that I work in an office full of a bunch of guys ... and we work in finance, so we're all pretty much geeks ... and get bored frequently. They find it important to break up the monotony by shooting down stacks of pennies with gargantuan rubber bands, I find it necessary to educate them in areas where I feel they're lacking. Today's clasroom went as follows:

A: What does R.S.V.P. stand for?
Sometimes Serendipitous Girl: Repondez si'l vous plait ... and by the way, people aren't very good at repondez-ing anymore.
A: I know, what's up with that?
SSG: I don't know, that was like day one at cotillion.
A, R, J & K all pipe up in unison: Cotillion, what's cotillion?
SSG: You guys didn't have cotillion, where you learn how to dance and they teach you manners?
A, R, J & K pipe up again in unison: Uh, no.
SSG: You know, guys learn how to open doors and pull out chairs, girls learn how to courtsy and what fork to use.

(Long pause)

K: So wait, wait, wait ... they taught you how to fork?
J: So that's where girls learn how to spoon.
SSG: No, spooning was after forking and the guys learned too.
R: Yeah, but the guys never did like spooning.