Friday, February 15, 2008

105.1 Made Me Do It

Every afternoon I listen to 105.1 "The Buzz" as I'm driving home (and simultaneously ruining the environment). I love Daria, Mitch and Producer Ted. So much so that when my old college roommates were visiting they asked if they had been replaced as every time we got in the car I promptly turned the radio up and listened to my "new" friends rather than my old ones.

So today D, M & PT were discussing song lyrics and which songs you butchered as a kid and didn't realize until adulthood. I don't really remember any of my own, but the aforementioned former college roommates had a couple. I'll use their nicknames to protect the guilty:

Spleen: Beastie Boy's lyric "my mom threw away my best pair of cords." Actual lyric? "My mom threw away my best porno mag."

Digs: Elton John lyric "hold me close I'm trying to daaance ... nah." Actual lyric? "Hold me close now tiny dancer."

I think part of the reason I never butchered the lyrics was because I had this pre-teen habit of listening to music OVER and OVER again for hours while lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling and imagining a life full of love and romance and being swept off my feet. I remembered this swooning period in my life when 105.1 queued up "Glory of Love" from the Karate Kid.

"Glory of Love" by Peter Setera melted my 12 year old little heart. I would press rewind and play repeatedly on my tape deck to get it to the very beginning of the song ... the song I recorded off the radio, of course. Then I would fall back on my bed, dream of a Jake Ryan clone picking me up from school in his red Porsche (when I was old enough, of course) and taking me back to his house where he had made me a birthday cake (I obviously had seen 16 Candles a few times). And so I decided to put together a little play list of what made me swoon when I was 12. Don't blame me, blame my new friends Daria, Mitch and Ted.

1) "Glory of Love" by Peter Setera.
2) "Always" by Atlantic Star.
3) "Somebody" Depeche Mode
4) John Reeves (a little skater punk at my school)
5) Eden & Cruise Castillo from Santa Barbara.
6) Anne of Green Gables falling in love with Gilbert Blythe
7) Any book that starred a girl, a horse and a popular boy who discovered he loved the horsebackriding girl.
8) Any movie starring Molly Ringwald.
9) Duran Duran
10) 15th Street in Del Mar
11 - infinity (even still) Jake Ryan

It's okay to sigh ... I just did too.