Friday, February 22, 2008

Grand Central Bowl

So the squad and I stepped out of work a little early and headed over to Grand Central Bowl for a few games, beers and lots of jokes involving balls. I bowled a 160 ... in three games. I have the athletic prowess of Elton John. The skills I have on Wii obviously don't translate to real life.

You can tell by my score, I'm not a serious bowler. But for the record, I do love serious bowlers. I love the stance, the focus, the little leg kick out at the end, the way the ball (can't even type it without laughing) shoots down the lane instead of bouncing down like when I throw it. I'm all about the shoes (and once even ... um "borrowed" a pair when I was in high school) and the shirts and the funny league names. But then I go to a local bowling alley and it's smokey, and there is music playing that I don't like, and the beer is flat and nothing matters aside from bowling and I'm way too A.D.D for that. So Grand Central was right up my alley (ba dum bum) the music was fun--little '80's mixed with some Led Zep and ACDC, I had cocktails instead of beer, could shoot some pool and have some dinner all in the same place and bonus, I left without smelling like an ash tray.

But hands down, the best part of the night was hearing my boss put on his bowling shoes, step out onto the lane and say "I've got to test the wood."

In the words of Michael Scott, "that's what she said."

Happy Friday Everyone!