Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Hate Sunday Nights

What is it about Sunday nights? And please, if there is anyone else out there that likes them--go away, I just don't think I can take your positivity. Just kidding, please tell me why. Perhaps you can rub off on me.

I remember always struggling with Sunday nights, even as a kid. I swear it gets dark two hours earlier than any other night of the week. In college we raged against the Sunday night blues by watching cheesy network movies. They had to have two things in common--1) they had to star a former 90210 actor and 2) the aforementioned 90210 actor had to be in peril. If we couldn't find a network that fit the bill we'd pretend that we were going to drive down to Pacific Beach and get tatoos (for real this time) or run across the street and steal something out of our neighbor's house. Don't worry, they were just a bunch of college guys and didn't miss anything ... except for the time we stole the remote. Family photos? We had them for weeks. Remote? They were over in .2 minutes.

When we were all working and building our careers, we had Sunday night dinners. Every Sunday we'd rotate houses. If the dinner was at your house you'd make an appetizer, main course and dessert and you'd also have to clean up. If you were a guest, you'd bring a bottle of wine. The cool thing was that there were eight of us, so you'd only have to cook once every couple of months. It was the perfect evening--wine filled, chatty, sometimes philosophical, and always fun. Yes, I'd usually have a hangover Monday morning, but it was worth it. Mondays suck enough as it is, might as well have a reminder of a fun evening.

So this is what I propose. I say we do away with Sunday nights. How, you ask? Rally your employers and tell them you want a 4 day work week. Not only will we have Mondays off, but we won't have the Sunday night funk of having to go to work the next day! It's genius. It will sweep the nation! We will be well rested, commerce will be energized the world will be a happier more peaceful place. That is of course until ... Monday night.